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Vatan Ka Heera - Dare

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 ABCD of Self-improvement Dare to be a Better Person - Submit vote and proceed 

A.  Each day in India, over 500 families receive heart shocking messages that their loved one has passed away, while over 1000 people receive messages that their loved one is in the hospital and they must bring Rupees 5 lakh to pay for the treatment due to road accidents which is a human induced disaster, hence “EMERGENCY” a national campaign is started by Mother India Care - MIC transforming public awareness into preparedness


B.     A study reveals 97% road users are putting blame on others for daily road accident deaths and 3% are claiming they are well experienced road users and by doing so both are putting deadlock to self-improvement. Everyone uses the roads because it is their dire need and all have the desire to put an end to daily accidental suicide, but it is not their dire desire.


C.    Road users have become habitual offenders of traffic rules, and this bad habit needed to be changed by mental practice, using combined & research verified process of science and spirituality which is an ultimate solution. The said combined & research verified process is the main task of this challange,  integrated to achieve 360 degree reversal to road accident deaths in India by 2030.


D.   Everyone wants to put an end to this road carnage, but doing the same and expecting different result is insanity. The most important requirement is to rewire the brain to make dire desire a habit. MIC is promoting self-improvement & preventing traffic violations by presenting this Self-improvement - SI Dare for 1. Goal setting, 2. Mental simulations 3. Self-improvement (focus level on road conditions, road traffic movement, road traffic signals, road traffic signage) 4. Gratitude Prayer. Submit your vote below and take action right now..!

Be a part of solution to end road canage. Are you a part of solution or a part of problem ?.

1. What is the origin of Self-improvement Dare ? 2. What is the concept of Self-improvement SI Dare? 3. Why I Accept SI Dare ? 4. What is GIBMA Setting ? 5. What is the task in SI Dare? 6. What is the significance of SI Dare ? 7. What is the benefit of SI Dare ? 8. What is Emergency - a national campaign ?

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