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 Road Safety Emergency - Nationwide Campaign 

Promoting Self-improvement & Preventing Traffic Violations


Global communities including United Nations, local governments, corporate and charity organizations are working hard to reduce road accident deaths and are trying it with various public awareness campaigns as mentioned herein under to put an end to the human induced disaster, but all efforts are failed . Road users participate and attend those campaigns and do only those activities for which their mind is set. 


Facing the failure in this area, many road safety professionals have given up working on road safety.  As per the NCRB Report 155622 people died in road accident deaths in the year 2021 in India which is highest in the history.

Every day, more than 500 people die in road accidents across India in various locations yet the public pays little attention to them, and if this number of road accidents occurs at the single place every day, then the public would pay more attention and hence this EMERGENCY, national campaign.

The road users do not understand the difference between public roads and public parks, so they are mistaking public roads for public parks, whereas they should take public roads as deadlier roads the moment they hit them, rather than driving and walking on public roads uncontrolled.


Obtaining a license is a short-term goal and limited to allowing vehicles to drive on public roads, no long range goal was set which is to follow traffic rules strictly . After obtaining the DL they feel the full freedom to drive a vehicle on public roads in the manner as they want. Whereas the freedom on public roads means, as far as your self-control goes as far goes your freedom.


The long range goal is maintaining self-control and good ranking as long as they use the public roads, which is overlooked and the main cause of increasing road accident deaths.


When no method is working, no sign of improvement to reduce road accident deaths,  then identifying the root cause is the need of the hour. During the lockdown situation road accident deaths were reduced and now back to same situation. Majority of youths are dying in this daily road accidental suicide.


Setting GIBMA (Goal-Input-Brain-Meditation-Action) process,  is easy in the beginning (at the time of license issuance), but later, it involves a lot of time and effort  and this is the root cause that has been overlooked.  A solution must be prepared after considering the root cause of GIBMA setting. 


Goal setting

Upon obtaining your driving license, your short-range goal, you activate and pursue your long-range goal by committing to prove your self-control in an out-of-control world until you use the deadlier roads cautiously, carefully and safely. You have to maintain the status of under control and good ranking record until you drive or walk on public roads. You have to plan your short range and long range goals. Daily goal, weekly goal, monthly goal, yearly goal and 5 years goal and even10 years goal. By setting goals you can reach well planned destination everyday and without setting goals you will reach at unplanned destination. Unless you set your goals disaster is your destination. Over 500 road users are facing disaster as their destination. Safer or sufferer destination, with or without goals is the matter of choice.


Input setting.

Input in you is the output by you. In the absence of right input, we will never get the right output.  The input related to your actions, behavior and performance on road should be fed to the subconscious. At the time of distress situation how to establish the contact with inner conscience to get the right command to handle the distress situation rightly, how to handle new and different situation on road, input should be properly fed to the subconscious.  All information must be fed properly and through positive affirmation.


Brain setting:   

When the right input is fed into the subconscious the brain will process and give the necessary command to body to act. Public roads are deadlier and never use them  as public amusement park. Rather than using public roads with your out of control behavior, always use them with under control behavior. Never take risk to break the traffic laws because taking risk leads to accidental suicide, where as in all other domain it is not so. Set the mind to receive updated information and implement into action. Mind should be set to look for the traffic signal not the presence of traffic police. Mind should be set to pay traffic fine when caught on traffic violation and not to bribe. Human mind is biased to negativity so positive affirmative words should be used to set the positive mind.


Meditation setting:  

In meditation, individuals use a technique, like mindfulness, to focus their minds on a particular object or topic. In order to change any habit, we need to practice meditation and the more the meditation, the more the action, the more the focus, and the more the results. Mediation is only the source to recognize when the cosmos sends timely messages to individuals during distress situations.  Practice gratitude meditation and start hearing the sound of cosmos through your invisible & inbuilt cosmic receiver. Many are able to hear the sound of cosmos through their cosmic receiver. The habit of right actions and the habit of gratitude prayer will empower you to start recognizing the message of the cosmos for your safety when you are in distress situation. The practice of meditation needs to be a habit, and to make it a habit, you need to include meditation in your daily self care routine. The gratitude meditation is the source of all abundance of life.


Action Setting – Positive Preparedness

The habit of committing small mistakes becomes bigger mistakes, so we must avoid committing small mistakes when on roads. Must prefer delayed gratification. Make habit of positive and right action.  One wrong action even by mistake must be compensated by increasing the gratitude prayer duration by 30 minutes every day of for 21 days to wash away the wrongful act. Even if you have paid the fine or even if your wrong act unnoticed by the traffic police but you have noticed it. Next step is with the help of above four process, maintain habit of reaching your well planned destination every day, self-appreciate and do gratitude prayer every day.


Pedestrians must set long range goal to maintain status of Master of self-control in an out of self control world until you use the deadlier roads cautiously, carefully, safely and attentively. Pedestrian’s mistakes also contribute to road accident deaths. The time has come to put an end to this human-induced disaster through special measures such as GIBMA resetting, and the solution must be derived taking GIBMA resetting into consideration.


After a yearlong efforts Mother India Care - MIC constituted and prepared an ultimate solution by considering the root cause and named it as 5F Matrix, which has been researched, experimented and verified by the Global Wisdom Research Center. Through the 5F Matrix, a set of special measures that uses 4P techniques, to reset GIBMA so as to get the desired result. If all road users accept the dare and unlock the deadlock of self-improvement by setting goals to reach well planned destination. Unless they set the goal disaster is their destination. As per the NCRB Report 155622 people died in road accident deaths in the year 2021 in India which is highest in the history.


In the absence of this GIBMA setting all road users are prone to disastrous destination. Hence Mother India Care has started this signature initiative "Emergency" a national campaign.. The Future Changemakers (special task force) deputed by Mother India Care will be approaching all road users across India to accpet the dare to empower their armour of safety. After completing the dare individuals will throw down the dare in their family and friends network to build the chain. All for one and one for ALL. United we win and divided we FALL.


Join the National Action Implementation Movement - National AIM,ignites the unity flame and converting awarenss into action through GIBMA resetting. Mother India Care giving a National call to all to take action to achieve the 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030. Together let us make road journeys safer for everyone.

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Each day in India, over 500 families receive shocking messages that their loved one has passed away, while over 1000 people receive messages that their loved one is in the hospital and they must bring Rupees 5 lakh to pay for the treatment. Do you want to avoid this situation?

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