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 Kiara Mittal - National Ambassador For Road Safety From Mumbai - Presenting memento of 6 wise monkeys of Mother India Care to Hon'ble Governor Of Maharashtra 

 Kiara Mittal - National Ambassador For Road Safety Being Crowned by Hon'ble Maharashtra Governor 

 Mother India Care Team - Presenting memento of 6 wise monkeys of Mother India care to Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka. 

 Dr. Jyotsna Singh (Director - Mother India Care) Presenting the 6 Wise Monkeys Creative to Shri Rajender Kumar Kataria - IAS - Prinsipal Secretary - Transport Department - Govt. of Karnakata 

 6 Wise Monkeys of Mother India Care - Committed to Commitment 

The three wise monkeys are a Japanese pictorial maxim conveying the proverbial principle  "see no evil,  hear no evil, speak no evil". do not align with the science of psychology and human reaction. The psychology was born in 18th century and the pictorial maxim was started in 17th century.. The road safety awareness messages such as don't drink and drive and don't jump red signals etc are negative affirmation words and negativity biased human brain prompts road users to turn upside down and road accident deaths are increasing.  The science behind - When you tell someone not to do something, they are more motivated than ever to do it.


According to law of attraction and psychology the above defining of 3 wise monkeys and road safety awarenss raising messages are negative affirmation and we should change it to positive affirmation The surrounding is filled with negative energy. There is need of the hour for self-empowerment through thru conscious shift and recharge ourselves with positive energy to overpower and rule negative energy. Since negative information draws greater attention, it also may be seen as having greater validity and reality.


Understanding the need of the hour, Mother India Care has flipped the script and created 6 Wise Monkeys concept as shown in the below creative and they symbolizes the principle of

Speak only good

See only good

Hear only good

Think only good

Do only good

Be only good


The 6th monkey is holding a steering wheel to convey the message that we should consciously empower our all five subsequent stages with positive energy,  maintain self control, stay committed to commitment and lead a stable, happy and successful life.  Mother India Care has started Action Implementation Movement - AIM and is transforming insights into reality by recharging oneself with positive energy to rule negative energy through conscious shift integrated for the 360 degree reversal to road accident deaths in India by 2030. The initiative involves the main campaign of "First learn how to drive human body and then learn how to drive metal body. Road users learn driving a vehicle but not learning the road safety and how to manage own body when on roads which is most important factor.


Get involved to make combined and powerful efforts to make a biggest CHANGE and do your bit to achieve the common smart goal. We are mobilizing actions and counting on all individual actions to flip the script to flip the result and rewrite destiny by recharging yourself with positive energy thru conscious shift..


Instead of promoting foreign concept let us unite to promote Indian concept and make world to follow us. So long the negative energy was ruling us and let us rule the negative energy.


Join the Action Implementation Movement - AIM & commit to action & recharges with +ve energy to rule -ve energy.


For Worrier – Taking 1st step is the hardest

For Warrior – Taking 1st step is the easiest.

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