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1.    What is Decade of Action Plan – DOAP 2021-2030 ?

On first September 2020, the United Nations, has declared the years, 2021 to 2030 as the second decade of action, for road safety. In support of this proclamation of United Nations,  Mother India Care has constituted, adopted and implemented Decade of Action Plan, 2021 to 2030, on national road safety.


2 .    When was the DOAP 2030 constituted and implemented?

On 26th November 2020, Justice B.S. Patil, Hon’ble Upalokayukta, Bangalore, was the chief guest, for the inaugural ceremony of Decade of Action Plan 2021 to 2030, a comprehensive DOAP Toolkit on national road safety, with a common smart goal of zero death and, no serious injury, by road crash in India by the year end 2030. The COVID situation put its implementation on hold and on 26th November 2021 it was implemented. During the ceremony a group of army people joined and formed human map of India, the chief guest Mr. Rajender Kumar Kataia IAS, principal secretary to govt. of Karnataka department of Transport, inaugurated the DOAP Toolkit to be used during the National Movement to end road carnage.


3.     Why national movement ?

The national movement is begin to end the road carnage. The year 2022 and 2023 are marked as the reformative years for national road safety wherein we are rectifying the mistakes and implementing the corrections. It is an era in which we are remapping, rewiring & recondition our brain under mind mapping matrix M3 campaign. Based on law of attraction of psychology the messages of 3 wise monkeys see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil  have been flipped and redefined by us. The 5  wise monkeys of mother India Care convey the redefined message, see only good, speak only good, hear only good, do only good and be only good.


4.     Why rewiring of brain and redefining of messages of wise monkeys?

On the basis of law of attraction our mind is biased to negativity. We come across the negative affirmation such as don't jump red signal, don't use mobile phone when on road, don't drink and drive. Being biased to negativity our brain picks up negative affirmation and act accordingly, consequently road accidents are keep on increasing. Therefore based on the psychological research and to change the mindset redifined the messages of wise monkeys.


5.   Why changing mindset?

In life, if we are making a mistake, there will be an option to correct the mistake. If that option is available, we must not hesitate and feel tired to take and use it. If we don’t correct mistakes then it can lead to a disaster.  There is a famous proverb that states: Spare the rod, spoil the child. The character building begins right at childhood, if it is missed and not strictly and properly educated and monitored then a weak character will develop. It is often noticed that parents might have corrected the children but the children have refused to make the corrections. Similarly the road users have become vulnerable, they were not strictly and properly educated and monitored in the beginning and now even after the increased traffic fine and strict enforcement, accident deaths are still increasing. Hence we are changing the negative biased mindset, educating and monitoring road users actions and behavior on road, with the 21 tool assets of DOAP toolkit.


6.     What is DOAP Toolkit & the products?

The DOAP Toolkit is consisting of the assets of 21 tools to battle with the road carnage and first and foremost tool of the DOAP Toolkit is road safety oath, the safety & victory mantra and the positive affirmations for positive outcomes. It is important to understand that the status quo of increasing road accident deaths are inevitable and the desire to change the status quo should be stronger than the desire to remain same. and to bring a biggest reformatory change we are using 2 Cs, one C is commitment as it guarantees the start, and the 2nd C is consistency as it guarantees the finish, an end to daily road carnage. . Please click see the various products range for road safety and the details..


7.    What is the safety and victory mantra in the battle against road carnage?
 The road safety oath is the Safety & Victory Mantra of the national movement to end road carnage. Our mind is biased to negativity and it has been constituted after a year long research and based on law of attraction wherein negative affirmation words has been excluded.
Commitment guarantees a start and consistency guarantees the finish. Road safety is a shared responsibility and every road users should take the responsibility and do their bit for a common goal and include it in the vision board.


8.    What is vision board?
 We encourage every individual to set and follow their individual goal. They should maintain a vision board at home or at work place where it can be viewed easily and regularly. According to the saying "Seeing is believing" and on the basis of this mantra we act on those things what we believe and what we see on daily basis, because our brain releases the neuron to our body accordingly. Every person should add the common goal in their vision board apart from the individual goal.


9.    What is road safety oath?

The road safety oath is the safety and victory mantra constituted in 40 lines and every road user needs to recite it every day for 40 days to make positive affirmations. It is the raw material to be used as a command and controlled input to get a desired and controlled output by every road  users based on the principles of law of attraction. The reality of situation that we face on roads every day are not being taught in any school or institution. Road users learn vehicle driving  but missed to learn these new situations on roads. Mother India Care is the only organization in India that providing the learning of how to avoid road accidents to driver and pedestrians and be a genius road user.


10.    What is the science behind positive affirmation?

The science behind the positive affirmation is it  activates the rewards centers in the human brain and fires up the neural pathways and makes changes to those areas that makes you positive and body start acting accordingly, and as per the principle of Law of attraction the positive affirmation brings positive results.


11.    Why road safety oath for every road user?

The desire to change should be stronger than the desire to stay same. A nation's biggest change is measured by how many people support it. The road safety oath is safety and victory mantra and its positive affirmations will definitely bring positive results. Every road user should do their bit by adopting road safety oath and making positive and self affirmations. It is the commitment for self improvement. By 26.11.26 we expect to mobilize 1.4 billion actions and are counting on every action. Let us do the improvement in self proficiency and raise a demand for the improvement in infrastructure and services. Let us together avoid common mistakes.


12.    What are the common mistakes that most of the road users are committing?

Majority of the road accidents are occurring due to human error which can be corrected. The 13 common mistakes, that are being committed by the road users, when on road and how to correct these mistakes.


i.  Lack of self-discipline: There was no strictiness while providing the license and enforcement and that has result in self discipline in road users. Now new motor bill also failed to curb the road accident deaths. During formative period if childen are not educated and monitored properly then they will become non-disciplined and weak character same thing happened with the road users.

ii. Lack of respect to traffic law: When you go abroad, you respect that country traffic laws because of the fear of heavy traffic fine and but not in your country. Respect traffic rules not with the fear of traffic fine, but with fear of injury and accidental suicide. When you are found violating the traffic rules, pay the traffic fine instead of bribing the traffic police because the traffic rules are for your safety.

iii.  Lack of dedicated attention:  Distracted driving, use of mobile phone and mind wandering incidents can lead to accidental suicides. Avoid all of them and pay dedicated attention, not divided attention when on road.

iv.  Lack of making right choice:  We have learnt from Covid-19 situation by preferring convenience over safety and faced the infection. Road users prefer convenience over safety, wrong choice has been consequence. Liberty of choice should not be misused. Advice after injury is like a medicine after death.

v.  Lack of setting good examples for children: Research show that majority of parents are practicing, racing and chasing with the fellow drivers and are jumping red traffic light. Don’t forget that Children follow you on roads, when they grow up.

vi.  Lack of normality, Intoxication, sleep: Driving under the state of alcohol, drugs, stress, sleeplessness and tiredness are very dangerous for you and the people around you, better drive when you are in normal state.

vii.  Lack of Information and Training: The reality of situation that we face on roads every day are not being taught in any school or institution. Lot of updated information and awareness is required to improve knowledge and driving skill.

viii.  Lack of road user assessment:  Everyone is claiming that they are good drivers but accidents are still occurring. Who is following traffic rules, who is proficient in handling the new situation every day on road is a matter of concern for all.

ix.  Lack of timely start and rushing:  General tendency to start late and rushing to destination to make it on time is causing chaos to fellow road users and leading to accidental suicide.

x.  Lack of gentle driving and speed limit: Harsh driving, stunts, over speeding and road rage incidents are very dangerous and disastrous and families hardly get a chance to say the last good bye to a victim of road crash.

xi. Lack of commitment and seriousness:  Everyone wants to end the daily road carnage, which is the result of a process no one wants to do. The importance of road safety should be realized and self-discipline should be maintained on roads. Every individual affects the society and the society will have an effect on the future generation.

xii.  Lack of correction: In life, if we are making a mistake, there will be an option to correct the mistake. If that option is available, we must not hesitate and feel tired to take and use it. The lack in the tendency to correct our own mistakes will produce negativity and that will lead to accidental suicide.. .

xiii. Lack of positive affirmation and consistency:  The negative affirmation create pothole in our mindset, and more negative information is making them deeper and wider over time. These potholes in the mindset are killing the effectiveness to solve the problems. Burn up your negativity before it burns you up. Repair the potholes of your mindset with PSA 40 and retrain your brain to receive the positive information in line with the intention and goal.

Maintain a vision board and in that board, highlight road safety a part of your individual goal and a common goal. This would act as a constant reminder, and helps you to maintain consistency. What do you want to change in the world, first be the change, and world will follow you. The solution to all these problems and many other problems has been incorporated in the constitution of safety mantra- the road safety oath.

Maintain a vision board, and in that board, highlight road safety a part of, your individual goal and a common goal. This would act as a constant reminder, and help you to maintain consistency. What do you want to change in the world, first be the change, and world will follow you. The solution to all these problems, and many other problems, has been incorporated in the constitution of safety mantra, the road safety oath.

13.     What is PSA 40 ?
The constitution of road safety oath is prepared in 40 lines and its positive self affirmation for 40 times for in 40 days should be done to complete the self affirmation process and this process is also called as PSA 40.

14.   Why road user should do the self affirmation for 40 times?

The road users have become habitual offenders and it takes time to change the habit, hence the self affirmation of 40 days is must for every road users. We have to change the mindset, because our brain is biased to negativity. Our brain is wired to pick up the negative thing first and releases the cortisol and adrenaline hormones to our body and over the time high levels of these hormones can contribute to mental health symptoms such as anxiety and we act accordingly. Even the message conveyed by the 3 wise monkeys as see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil are having negative affirmation. It has been redefined and the 5 wise monkeys of Mother India Care are conveying the message of see only good, hear only good, speak only good, do only good and be only good.

15.     What is the significance of number 40 ?

The number 40 has great importance and represents transition and change, the concept of renewal and a new beginning and it also has the power to lift a spiritual state. The 40 lines world first safety and victory mantra has been constituted in line with the significance of number 40.

16.     Why a road user charged Rs. 100 to adopt road safety oath?

It is a process and commitment fee, and in the process we advise road users to burn negative affirmation that are stored in the mind and insert, recite and visualize the positive affirmation (constituted on the principle of law of attraction) which is called as the road safety oath and also the safety and victory mantra to end road carnage. based on the law of attraction.  The safety & victory mantra has been constituted after a years long research which is covering all aspects of road safety and road users are producing the desired yield and controlled output. It is the proven fact people who don’t pay they don’t pay attention. Commitment guarantees a start and consistency guarantees the finish. The proceeds will be used to meet the admin expenses of national movement, to support road accident victims and also for the capacity building of chain of Accident Relief Centers ARCs on major highways across India to save precious lives. Part of the proceeds will be used to to provide the divine rewards points of survival by extending contribution to the past and future victims of road accidents and also for the special road safety prayer.

17.     What is road safety prayer ?
we arrange special prayer in designated temple, church, mosque and gurudwara to provide the blessings for the road users who have adopted the road safety oath in batches and also to achieve the common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030.

18.     What will the road users get by adopting road safety oath?

Road users who adopt road safety oath and prepare a video clip while reading out the entire constitution of safety & victory mantra, will get a verified certificate of commitment and are setting up an example for fellow road users to perform, reform and transform a change in the status quo of increasing road accident deaths. Together we can achieve the common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030. Roads are deadlier  than pandemic because these are killing many lives every day. Based on law of attraction  if all road users adopt road safety oath the safety and victory mantra, and produce controlled output that day the road carnage will be ended in India..  The best contribution one can make to national movement is to improve oneself as the improvement begins with the letter I.


19.     What is URSWG ?
United Road Safety Warriors Group – URSWG, is multi level advisors - MLA Network operation by Mother India Care - MIC National Family and an important tool of DOAP toolkit of the Decade of action plan 2021 to 2030 for road safety.


20.     What is the MLA Network?

The road safety is a noble cause and we are mobilizing and enrolling the multi level advisors network of individuals as road safety advisors to mentor and advise road users. The road safety advisors are the change makers and the national family of Mother India care and are active in advise (consultation) selling 


21.     How advise (consultation) and cause selling is different from product selling?

The advise (consultation) and cause selling is in the interest of nation and for a common good, for the growth of the society and nation, whereas product selling is in the interest of specific organization and for the growth of the owners of the company..


22.     What is the enrollment process?

The applicant has to provide scanned and clear copy of the ID, personal  details, bank details  and Rs. 500 as membership fee.


23.    What is the benefit of joining MLA Network or URSWG?

The individual is joining the cause network as road safety advisor known as URSWG. The road safety advisors can make the cause selling as main income source or side income source and based on the performance they will be getting the individual performance incentives, team performance shared incentives , target bonus and reward and recognition.  The member will get incentives on the purchase of other services and re-purchase thereof.


24.  What are the other purchase and re-purchase services?
Road Users Ranking (for elders & students) and student road safety training course (online & offline) and elders refresher training, and we are the only entity in India maintaining the road safety proficiency profile of road users i.e. ranking and report, and providing access on request. Realtime live monitoring (digital) of travel (start time, speed, end time and travel history up to one year), focus control (digital),  and sleep eraser and stress eraser (physical) ,  identify road traffic related risk and raise demand to fix, shortly we will provide alert messages services (speed brakers & accident prone area),  ERC membership wherein road users will get SOS callout for emergency breakdown assistance, medical emergency, driver on call, and air ambulance on call and ambulance drone will be added up.


25.  What are the incentives offer on other services?
Members will get flat 15% incentive on every purchase or re-purchase, and if a member is able to complete 10,000 units of cause selling, then the member will be getting a monthly incentive of Rupees upto one lakh and more.


26.   What are the role and responsibilities of enrolled member?

The individual member will be enrolled as a road safety advisor for a specific state and for a period of one year which can be renewed further. The member responsibilities includes cause selling, vigilance activity, and encouraging formation of peer advisory group locally, and also follow up activities.  


27.   What encouragement activities does the member has to perform to encourage peer group formation to road users of local area ?

The member/advisor should encourage road users in the residential area and commercial area to form a peer advisory group (residential & commercial) and to take the group membership of road safety club to resolve the road safety issues. The road safety advisor will get  incentives for selling peer advisory group membership..


28.   What vigilant activity the members have to perform ?

The advisor ./ member should be always vigilant when on roads and capture video clip of law violators and road safety villains and send it to our designated number.


29.   What follow up activity the members have to perform ?

The advisor ./ member should do the follow up for the request letter submitted with the competent authority by mother India Care and the per visit conveyance charges shall be paid to advisors.


30.   Is it possible if any existing member wants to become a leader ?

Yes. The road safety advisor once completed the enrollment of 100 members, is eligible for team leader. Every team leader should enroll 1100 members.


31.   What if a leader unable to enroll requisite members in a stipulated time?

If a team leader unable to enroll members then he/she will not be eligible for the special privileges all that are being offered along with incentives.


32.   What if a member is unable to sell the minimum unit of cause selling?

If a member is not able to sell the minimum number of units (cause selling) then the member will not get additional benefits and further promotion to be a leader and he/she has to renew the membership by paying the then renewal membership fee where as the member who is doing the minimum cause selling can get the auto-renewal for the next year at no fee.


33.   What if a member is having a fear of rejection and not approaching road users?

If a member is having a fear of rejection, and it has been developed because of the rejection, the member should not take the rejection as an insult because your advice is not good or you are incapable person. People possess positive mindset, mixed mindset and negative mindset. Because of their mixed, negative mindset or they misunderstand and are reacting accordingly, with the time they will change their mindset. Rejection means redirection to a positive mindset.


34.   What basic question or statement should be made to person who is being approached for road safety oath - the cause selling?

The approach should be made with a statement by saying that " are you aware with the fact that every 4 minutes one person dies in road accident death in India everyday, and these accidents are increasing. 87% road accident deaths are occurring due to human error and lack of commitment. Do you agree human mistakes can be corrected and commitment can be made to reduce this road accident deaths. In reality we are facing new situations on road which are not being taught in any school. I am road safety advisor and associated with a National Movement to end this road carnage by 2030 in India. we are mobilizing commitments to change the mindset which is biased to negativity. Commitment guarantees a start and consistency guarantees the finish. Do recite a real story of road accident and then make an advise for the road safety oath, the safety & victory mantra. Make and advise to burn the negative affirmation and feed the positive affirmation, controlled input to get a controlled output to  end road carnage.  


35.  What basic question or statement should be made to a person who is being approached for team building.?

The basic statement should be made by saying that time has come where we have to work and rely on multiple income sources to fulfill the needs and also the dreams of family and own. With this statement put forth the question by saying, do you have sufficient income sources to fulfill needs and dreams as well as maintaining reserved fund for emergency requirement. I have a proposal wherein part time or full time continuous efforts for up to 2 years or for one year of work can get you monthly income after the completion of target or dare, you will get up to one lakh or more monthly income as a warrior bonus for lifetime. Commitment guarantees a start and consistency guarantees the finish. The benefits are ..

  1. Common goal oriented work to end road carnage.
  2. Good side income, or you can make it as your full time main income.
  3. Digital Product and its supply is infinity  
  4. No competitor throughout the world.
  5. You are a warrior, an advisor to mentor and advice road users
  6. Wider market because consumer of product is every road user
  7. Organization is a NGO
  8. Efforts count and contribute for the growth of the society & nation.
  9. Recognition, domestic and international travel opportunities.
  10. Ensuring a safer road for us and for the new generation.

36. How to make an approach to corporate ?
Introduce yourself as road safety advisor and associated with National Movement started to end the road carnage and we Mother India Care is mobilizing actions of all individuals and corporates so that they can register their profile, log their actions and make their actions count on National action Map. Please click here to get the link for registering their profile.

37. What is the guarantee I will not be a victim of road accident after adopting the road safety oath?
Guarantee can be given for oneself and we are mobilizing commitments from all road users, and with this we are seeking promise from all road users. You give your guarantee and encourage others in your family and social network to extend their guarantee and let everyone support the national movement to end road carnage. Let everyone extend their guarantee, We cannot stop using the vehicles (metal bodies) which are causing damage to human body. Road accidents are the side effects of the vehicles we use, and these side effects are being caused due to human mistakes which can be corrected. We can not control others but we can hold them responsible which is limited to a financial compensation. Once the precious life is gone it will not come back and no one can take the responsibility to bring back the precious life. If we pluck a leave from a tree and we can not re-fix it back on the tree, we should not pluck it. Same way if we can not bring back precious live that we damage and destroy in road accidents, we should not do road accidents and we should prevent and avoid it.

38.  What if I am self-disciplined on road and others are not?
Let us be a part of solution and not problem. Let us make a start from self and let everyone make a self start. Let us not point out on others, let us become a change what we want to see in reality. Let everybody join the national movement to give the guarantee that they will be self disciplined on road.

39. What if a member is not feeling this advisor job enjoyable?
Burn up your negativity before it burns you up. We have to find and follow the ways that can create interest that can make enjoyable job. Make your work enjoyable else keep searching for an enjoyable job and that will lead us towards borrowing state, and choice is with us either to earn or to borrow.

40. How to create interest in the job?
Take a glass of water and send positive affirmation to the water by focusing onto the water, by saying I am a powerful soul and I love my job for one minute and drink that water. Do it for 40 days and you will start enjoying with your work.  We all have personal responsibilities to attend to. But sometimes, those pressing thoughts gnaw away at your brain, and anxiety soon follows. So, consider taking just 20 minutes per day to accomplish a couple of pressing personal tasks.  Setting aside personal time can help you feel more at ease and way happier in the work. When you are exhausted , it’s hard to remember why you’re doing what you do. Take some time to step back and think about past projects and achievements you’re proud of and how they’ve changed the organization in a positive way. Then, map out a plan to take those accomplishments to the next level by developing a new set of goals you can get excited about. You should always have a goal (or three) to keep you motivated about how you can bring more value to your organization and your profile.

41. What positive affirmation to complete the Diamond Dare?
Take a glass of water and send positive affirmation (recitation and eyesight focus) to the water by focusing onto the water, by saying I am a powerful soul and I am capable to complete the diamond dare at the earliest and drink that water. Do it for 40 days and you will definitely achieve the diamond dare.


42. What if my mind is wandering during positive affirmation?
If your mind is wandering you will not be able to complete the positive affirmation and you will not get the positive result. Morning when you get up and you find yourself can focus for a minute do this task that time by taking a deep breath, and empower your brain and your empower your body and your body will empower your action and your action will get you the desired result. This positive affirmation process is a research based proven fact and it brings the change in your life.


43. How positive affirmation brings the change in life ?
The first step in creating massive change in your life is not actually believing that it's possible, it's being willing to see if it is possible. You are not going to be able to jump from being a complete skeptic to a wholehearted believer. The step between those is just being open to seeing what could be possible. 
Infuse your life with as much positive affirmation and motivation as possible. You may need to hear the lessons more than once, but they will seep into your brain over time, and eventually, you will find yourself acting on wisdom received from those who are where you want to be. The point is that you're willing to see if its possible, and start doing the positive affirmation and that will start reflecting in your action and result... that's what will change your life.   Life will always surprise you with how things come to fruition. Instead of being obsessively attached to every little detail working out the way you think it should, be open to potential and possibility, even if it's something you never imagined before.


44. How to come out from the negative information planted in my brain?

The way people respond to news of your success will tell you how they are really doing in their lives. If you announce your engagement, people who are in happy marriages will be elated for you. People who are in unhappy marriages will warn you that it is difficult and that you should enjoy your remaining time as "single" individuals. The point is that other people's fears are projections of their own situations. They have nothing to do with what you are or aren't capable of. But the negative comment can lower your decision making willingness. Start asking what you want, even if you have no reason to believe that anyone will actually give you any of these things. Eventually they will.


All road users will adopt road safety oath by this date and no one left behind to end road carnage

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