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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

Fortune & Legacy Care

Vatan Ka Heera - Dare

Plant A 10K Magic Tree
Of Blessings & Money
The Best seed to
Thrive in 2022

Join National Movement to #EndRoadCarnage

Introspect & become
A Genius Road User &
Join Introspectors Group

Amal India Movement

Going Green

We Support United Nations
Paris Agreement

MIC Grandeur

Kaun Banega Supergenius

Runners Club India

Rally 2 Rule

All India & Wold rally 


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.....

Disaster Relief Center

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Road Safety Academy

Action & Prevention


Law of Connectivity

Life changing amazing opportunity, and motivational points, to thrive in 2022 and to become a universal friend based on law of attraction & law of connectivity.



If you missed to sow the seeds, the weeds will grow autmatically. Harvest is reserved for those who sown the seeds. You do not reap what you sow, but rather you always reap much more than what you sow.



All glory comes from daring to begin. If you have courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed. Do not dare not to dare.



The problem lies in the perfection of means, and confusion of aims, and the choice is either to suffer the pain of hard work or regret.



Ambition is the first step to success and, toughest part is taking that first step. Never be limited by the, limited imaginations of others..



No comparison with any  multi level marketing, where production or companies shut down, and this concept is for, by, and of, the public.


Excuses .

The power of your actions should be stronger than the power of your excuses, and its up to you to show the result instead of excuses.



Give up your comfort zone, fear, laziness, ego, self-limiting beliefs, and embrace new opportunity, new attitude, new mindset, to maintain an active status.



All good leaders are good readers. If you can not read, you can not lead. Words nourish the mind and soul. Human have to have food and words to be healthy and happy. Reading is tapping the treasure of ideas. 



Believe in the organization believe in self, love the work, get training and train and motivate your team. Self belief and hard work, will always earn you success.



Based on the law of attraction, use positive words in place of negative ones. and make positive words, the default , and see the power of words.



Working together  with a common purpose, and common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030.



Raw material is a controlled input and product yield is a controlled output, and all road users are the yield producer.



Mentoring, advising and consulting, road users, to adopt road safety oath, and are the raw material and controlled input supply, to get a controlled output.



Connectivity is strength, connectivity is wealth, connectivity is progress, and one who know the law of connectivity, is a universal friend.



You are offering employment to 10 individuals on part time or full time basis. They will grow with their efforts. Team building takes time, consistency, hard work and patience . The rich find and build network, and rest find work.



Plant and nurture a tree sapling so that it can grow to reap benefits, if tree sapling is not nurtured, it will die. Network is net-worth.



Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress,  and working together is success. T= Together. E= Everyone. A=Achieves. M = More. 



Prepare a priority list prepare a daily target and prepare your daily action plan, and devote time, to work for it with a passion, to complete daily tasks.



You get what you work for not what you wish for.. Beginning is always hardest , and hard work always pays off. We don’t promise sky, because we are down to earth.



Individual performance is rewarded with individual incentive, team performance is rewarded with shared incentives, and equally distributed among the team.



Earning is by advising and consulting road users. Earning people is more important than earning money. Help people to be capable of earning than helping by money.



If somebody offers you amazing opportunity, say yes and learn later. Never depend on single income and activate, a source of side income.


Power .

The spirit of teamwork makes the dream work. The result of 100 hours of 100 persons, is always greater than, one hour work of one person..


Working for a common good is a greatest creed, join national family and you will have, the sense of contribution for the society and nation.



Right organization, right leadership, right product, right platform, right association, right earning, right contribution in the interest of nation.


Mother India Care, is a public charitable trust registered on 26th November 2014, and having its slogan as “Serving for the common good”, has launched national movement to end road carnage. Join National Family of, Mother India Care, as a road safety advisors, to mentor and advice, road users, to achieve, common smart goal. The link to join national family is provided in the, below description box.


Jai Hind

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