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 Join Economy Warriors Group - EWG - Empowering Career & Community 

An overview:

The Fundamental foundation either for job employment or entrepreneurship is the connections / contacts which can shape you for a success in career. Mother India Care – MIC has started its nationwide signature initiative of “Action Implementation Movement ( AIM)” for self-control improvement with the intertwined empowerment of career and community.

The individual joins the economy warriors group, the change makers and enroll in the Entrepreneur Peer Alliance – EPA to build their own conscious community connections, to earn connections certificate, to earn monthly income and also to get passive income for their lifetime.

The community members implement Awareness intelligence into action by recharging positive energy to rule negative energy and becoming master of self-control in an out of control world.

The national movement is aimed to achieve 360 degree reversal in road accident death in India by 2030 and in support of United Nations SDGs agenda 2030.

In one EPA there are 101 teams and each team has one leader and 10 teammates   which together form a team strength of 1111. And in 100 EPAs together it makes an impressive team strength of 1,11,100 across India and these entrepreneurs are also called as Economy Warriors Group.

The team leader and members work together in a spirit of teamwork and together they achieve more which is for the benefit of individual, team and nation. All the members of the team are entrepreneurs and not employees. Teamwork makes the dream-work.

Upgrade your career intelligence and seize the opportunity to shape your career better with EPA. Join EPA and take charge of your destiny or someone else will. Its the life changing opportunity to get the status of financial freedom.

It is noteworthy to mention here that China has become global leader and the secret behind its success is maximum population involved in selling business within the china and they established their selling factory worldwide.

In India the selling business is considered as low grade job and thus negative perception towards selling business must be changed to PRIDE, POWER &  PROSPERITY.  All professionals are involved in selling products, services and concept which contributes to the growth of the economy and nation. If we want to beat China, then we should encourage every Indian to get involved in selling products / services / concept. and we be biggest winner. People laugh at failure and jealous at success. Join us and be an economy warrior, united for victory.

We invest money in fixed deposits, shares, mutual funds and properties to earn passive income. You invest  seed money in lakhs of Rupees for your own start-up business and the entry cost is very high and exit cost also high. At EWG the entry cost for your own connections building as an entrepreneur is minimum which is Rs. 1000/ and the exit cost is trust. You are not selling, you are building your own connections and empowering your career intelligence and empowering community members for the growth of the society and nation. . If you maintain a calm mind, a humble language and work relentlessly, then universe will send success at your feet.


1. You have to approach all road users in your network, social network or in person to  build your own conscious community connections for a period of 2 years to complete the target of 10K connections.

2. The connections shall be built by selling the subscription of 5F Matrix (verified by global wisdom research) to rewrite destiny with conscious shift and reasonably priced at Rs. 100 only and the scope of 5F Matrix is much broader and meant for every road user which can be seen in the below 5F Matrix Scope video, and also watch the why you should join.

3. You have to sell only the basic subscription and which is 5F Matrix subscription, this basic subscription is recurring annually and road users will purchase it every year to maintain consistency in their actions and behavior on road.

4. The road users will be purchasing additional subscription which are priced at Rs. 1000 and recurring annually, which are also generating recurring revenue for passive income. For more information about the organization, additional subscription list can be seen in the below you tube links.

5. You will be earning monthly income as much as 25K or more during the connections building and subscription selling. After 2 years, your 10K Magic Tree of blessings and money, will start giving you a monthly passive income of up to one lakh or more for a lifetime.

6. You will be getting monthly payout for your individual performance plus equally divided team performance shared incentives every month.

7. Working for the common good is always the greatest creed and pride as it will provide you with a source of income and sense of contribution to the nation.

8. Your individual primary smart goal (short term and life time monthly income) will be fulfilled and it is integrated into a common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030.

9. Your efforts can increase your bank balance of blessings (BBOB) and bank balance of currency (BBOC) and this job sets you apart from all other jobs.

10. At times when we need miracles to happen in our life, for that, we need collections of blessings and this job is the source.

We don't promise Sky because we are down to earth and we don't offer a comb to a bald person because we are doing the right thing. Success requires commitment & consistency. Flowing water cuts rock because of it consisteny.

Take off the glasses of MLM companies from your eyes and keep it aside. Our initiative cannot be compared with direct selling and MLM companies because we are NGO and our objective and functioning clearly distinguishes us from the MLM companies. Our objective is the growth of the society and the  MLM companies objective is growth of the owners of the company.

Please fill in the below online form to submit your expression of interest to join Economy Warriors Group-EWG to build your own conscious community connections the fundamental foundation for success in career and also for the 360 degree reversal to daily road accident deaths in India by 2030. Right now we have 1 lakh entrepreneur openings (Entrepreneur Peer Alliance - EPA). Apply now as the offer will be closed once the number is met. After the submit button proceed to answer personality development quiz in Yes or No by clicking the check boxes.
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