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 National Safety Brigade - National & State Territories 

  Join National Safety Brigade
        to make a safe world
     For our next generation

 What is National Safety Brigade - NSB ? 

"National Safety Brigade", a civilian commando force of Mother India Care and launching on 26th Nov 2024 at Bangalore. The NSB will be formed by a common people of our civil society mainly to act as a NSB Commando, Emergency First Responder (EFR) for women safety, for rescue and relief services and also safety standards checks / inspection services and also to protect the sovereignty of the nation. The NSB Commandos is not to be confused with the First Responder which is a generic term referring to the first medically trained responder to arrive on spot (state police or CRPF). The participants are the certified EFRs as they have to complete a course training and receive certification. The Course participants learn simple to follow steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a non stressful learning environment. All courses are supported by self-study manuals, videos and quick reference cards to enhance learning and allow you start learning right away. The course participants also seek special training of a special branch. And thus, NSB Commandos have been formed to provide disaster rescue and relief services which is as a supplement to the government efforts.

Violence and crime against women is increasing every day. Accused are staying in our society around us, and fellow society members are not responding and coming forward to oppose offenders of violence / crime against women/girls. But after the incident public like to do candle march as a protest demanding justice. When members of the society will come forward to make combined efforts to combat this burning issue, which is badly needed for the women safety and also to empower women to save the planet. The Mother India Care is having a mission and want to train younger generation through course, training camps and trekking camps so as to handle all sorts of rescue and relief services. School and college students must enroll them with us and every Indian should learn the disaster management tips and techniques. NSB is working actively towards the vision to safeguard our homes, work place, public, our society and also upcoming next generations from natural & human instigated disasters.

NSBs will also monitor and prepare a report on the conditions of rural, urban and also cities roads. The NSBs will also monitor waste management and prepare the report. The NSBs will also monitor and enrol BPL people nation wide for the smart payout cards so as to get emergency financial aid.

The NSB trainers and coaches are retired army or police officers who are giving the training to the NSB commandos in the training camps organized by Mother India Care form time to time at different places nation wide. After completing the training, the commandos will get the reward and recognition and also a NSB Kit. The trained NSB Commando will be provide rescue and relief services. 

 Why National Satety Brigade - NSB ? 

- Once in a lifetime opportunity to work for the empowerment  of the society and to serve the nation.

- Will be a trained civilian to handle all types of terror attack, road traffic hazards, environment hazards & to protect women

- Will have sound knowledge on risk and disaster mitigation.

- Will help women against violence, crime and abuse.

- Will be human rights protectors.

- Will be an active part of rescue operation.

- Will report and try to reduce law violation.

- Will act as a channel of communication between law maker and law violators

- Will be alerted in case of human or natural disasters.

- Will be benefited & eligible for mobile app, tracking device and ERC basic membership.

- Recognition & Felicitation.

 Who can join National Safety Brigade - NSB ? 

Anyone who holds the citizenship of India can join NSB Commandos.

Students of SSLC and above should join and get the NSB training 

All employees of private and corporate sector including government should come forward and get the NSB training

Individual who have the basic understanding towards the risk caused by natural & human instigated disasters and at the same time have the zeal to work towards disaster Mitigation. The person who is ready to stand out to work collectively for common goal towards safer society.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President of India) once said: “Do not wait for something big to happen. Start with whatever you have now”.

So we, mother India Care appeal every families of the nation, to come forward and join this momentum for a safer India.

           NSB joining levels can be seen in the menu buttons provided herein above.

 NSB - Role & Responsibilities 

Pro Active and Vigilant

Oppose any Incident of Violence Against Women

First Responders for Road Traffic Hazards, Environment Hazards & Violence Against Women

Performing Rescue & Relief Services

Check Violation of Human Rights & preparing report

Check Violation of Law & preparing report

Assessing and preparing report on Disaster Risk

NSB Presence & Network Enhancement

Bridging a Gap between citizen & law protector/maker

Performing Disaster mitigation service

Participation & Attending Training Camps

Participating & Attending Annual Conference Events on ICDM

Participating in Informational Webinars

 NSB Chapter Meeting & Training Camp - Calender 

Bengaluru   :  21st & 22nd Jan 2025

New Delhi   : 13th & 14th Mar 2025

Kolkata      : 03rd & 04th June 2025

Chennai     : 23rd  & 24th Aug 2025

Mumbai     : 22th & 28th Oct 2025


 Chemical Biological Radiological & Nuclear - CBRN Protective Suit  

The NSB Commando will be using a special kit for its rescue and relief excercise and operations, and NSBs special team mainly known as CBRN Response Team will also be equipped with the full body CBRN protective suit to privide the resuce and relief services.

 National Safety Brigade - NSB - Emergency Response Team Kit 

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear - CBRN Full Body Protective Suit used by NSB Commandos


National Safety Brigade - State wise Advisory Committee

Andhra Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh



Arunachal Pradesh

Jammu & Kashmir






Uttar Pradesh




Uttar Khand




West Bengal


Madhya Pradesh


New Delhi









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