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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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A- The Introduction

A-1.1: The pandemic has changed our life and world, it has ruined our health, our occupation, our economy and our future very badly. The pandemic has revealed inequity and marginalization on a wide range of issues. We are lacking the right frame of mind, behaviour and actions to manage and handle the current situation.  We have unsafe roads, unsafe environment, unsafe economy and unsafe future. It is the time to convert awarenss into action.

A-1.1: With the strong determination and stronger will power we have to reverse it and bring back our earlier world. We must rewrite destiny, rewire, recondition and reset the brain to ensure we take appropriate actions to achieve the desired outcome. Together we can make powerful efforts to transform a biggest change for a better future and greener world.

A-1.1: United Nations has given a global call to act on 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs. United we win and divided we fall. The corona has given us a valuable lesson, income must come if you are under lockdown.   

B- The Objective

B-1.1: In support of United Nations SDGs, Mother India Care - MIC has conceptualized  a signature initiative Era to Era Reforms for a greener world and launched nationwide Action Implementation Movement - AIM, to rewrite destiny with  5 F Matrix (Flip the script - Flip the mindset - Flip the action - Flip the focus - Flip the destiny) by tying it to a specific individual and also common SMART goals - CSGs and transforming insights into reality.

B-1.2: The reformatory 5F Matrix concept is aimed to involve every individual of 1.4 billion Indian populations and 100 million plus GW Jobs creation to achieve CSGs of green roads, green living and green economy for a greener world. The CSGs are constituted on the principle of law of attraction and aimed to flip power to peace and poverty to prosperity. The action and behavior of all our working associates and also all users/consumers who are tied up with specific individual and CSGs will be monitored and assessed and their ranking record will be maintained by us with premium options.

B-1.3: The 100Million GW Jobs creation has been done in 5 batches (100K jobs in first bath, 200K jobs in 2nd batch, 300K jobs in 3rd batch, 400K jobs in 4th batch and 99Million jobs in 5th Batch). The first batch will have integrated impact on Green roads and green economy, 2nd batch will have integrated impact on green living and green economy and 3rd, 4th & 5th batch will have impact on green economy and that development will balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

B-1.4: Based on law of attraction of psychology the script of 3 wise monkeys see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil  have been flipped and redefined by MIC. The 6  wise monkeys of MIC convey the flipped and redefined script, see only good, speak only good, hear only good, think only good, do only good and be only good.

B-1.5: Right now the enrollments of 1st batch of 100K GW jobs are going on.  Our research and planning team is working on to offer next batch GW jobs and also to create more GW jobs. The 2030 agenda is to have road carnage free India, eco-friendly India and economically prosper India.

C- The Human Mindset

C-1.1: In this pandemic we have all faced a lot more challenges and setbacks, many have over enjoyed the comfort and become spoilt. We have to overcome these challenges and we have to come out from the comfort zone habits. If it continues then we are on the road to disaster since freedom without self-discipline and not getting up after falling are always dangerous.

C-1.2: Understanding and time do not often coincide, when there is time, we do not understand, and when we understand, time passes. People may jump in if they see a big opportunity like this, but the sad fact is if they don't move with the time they get left behind. The main reason that is holding them back is a lack of self-belief. Some are stepped back due to the flaws in the work, flaws in the company or flaws in oneself.

C-1.3: Majority of the people with no individual goals are working relentlessly for a short term income and struggling in life and working even when no efficiency in body and no passive income source. They are looking for short cut method in any thing and in any work in life. The human brain is hard-wired to bias towards comfort zone and negativity that people are influenced by their brain to choose the pathway of demerits to seek instant or short term pleasure. 

C-1.4: The human mind is the knower of all things and knows very well what is good and what is bad. Which work will be beneficial and which will be harmful. But it is not surprising that despite knowing everything, the human mind is more attracted towards negativities, evils, demerits, selfishness and  gluttony and acts accordingly. Even if you are educated and experienced person but your brain is hard-wired towards negativity then you will never be an expert and do not expect any positive results. Problems are part of life and overcoming them is an art of life.

C-1.5: If we want to take out ghee from the milk there is a process and levels and process to be followed. First we have to get the milk and boil it and wait for the appropriate temperature level and then insert that what we want the milk to become and that is curd. Then the curd has to bear the pain of churnings to become butter and finally this butter has to bear the heat of fire to become ghee. The ghee is the end result of the process and no short cut for that.

C-1.6: People are aware with the right and wrong and don't apply these principles in their lives because they have become habitual to prefer comfort and convenience. Their emotional brain is conditioned and pushing them towards ease of access and speedy rewards. But this habit is very dangerous for long run and is spoiling our inner and outer world. The pleasure of too much comfort is always bitter and the pain of hard work is always sweet.

C-1.7: It is the time to rewrite the destiny and flip comfort zone habits and embrace the sweet pain of hard work and smart work and be self-disciplined. 

C-1.8: The finishers get respected and droppers get disrespected. So never give up to hold your head down, and keep trying to get the success to hold your head high.

C-1.9: Always make time to chase you, then the success will also chase you. If you are chasing time then you will be chasing the success for your whole life. Never say that you don't have time or you are busy rather than say you make time to chase you.

D-The Process

D-1.1: The applicant has to complete the eligibility quiz and then proceed to next level.

D-1.2: After completing 1st level, the applicant has to complete the 2nd level of registration process by filling the online form with requisite details followed with burnout matrix to rectify flaws and also commitment matrix to strengthen the determination. After the registration process the selected candidate will be intimated on their registered mobile phone and mobile phone number for the same and also for the next level..

D-1.3: In the 3rd level the applicant has to undergo the 5 F Matrix to rewrite destiny to increase their will power and also to complete a visualization in the positive direction to achieve a set goal.

D-1.4: In the 4th level has to avail the training (train the trainer model), assessment and understand the best use of technology for daily action steps and priority management to achieve the set goal.

D-1.5: In 5th level the applicant has to take action steps in the direction of the set goal to achieve it level by level (Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond) and receive the monthly individual incentives and team shared incentives till the completion of diamond dare.

D-1.6: In 6th level the applicant will get the Memorandum of Agreement (Self Employed Associate) on achieving the Diamond level through a special ceremony along with the trophy of honor (vatan ka heera) and other privileges and the monthly passive income as a profit sharing on repurchasing by the road users.

E- The Goal Post

E-1.1: MIC is showing a clear individual smart goal and common smart goal well before to make the start and providing training and monthly income when you pursue to achieve it.

E-1.2 Plant a 10K Magic tree of blessings and money in pursuance to your individual smart goal, develop its 10 main branches and also its 10K small branches. This 10K numbers are your ultimate digital assets and a diamond dare. For part time work you need 2 year time and for full time work you need 1 year time to achieve the target of diamond dare.  

E-1.3: You will be earning monthly income as much as 25K or more during digital assets creation period. After 2 years the digital assets which is the grown up 10K Magic Tree of blessings and money will start giving you monthly passive income of up to one lakh or more for life time. The 10K Magic Tree of Blessings and Money is the ultimate source of passive income even if you are under lockdown.

E-1.4: Working for a common good always a greatest creed and pride as it will provide you the source of income and sense of contribution to the nation. Your individual primary smart goal (short term and life time) will be fulfilled and it is integrated to common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030.

E-1.5: The best thing is with your efforts you will earn money, our society will grow because the organization Mother India Care is a registered public charitable trust and not a company where company owner will grow.

F - The Eligibility Criteria

F-1.1: Those who are willing to do themselves a favour, those who can work on the compounding principle and who can devote time, who can make the time to chase them, who can use energy and focus either on FULLTIME or PART TIME basis and ready, willing and able to maintain consistency are welcome to join National Family of Mother India Care as economy warrior and Self Employed Associate. Remember if you want to join and work for a trial, hobby or SOMETIME basis then please do not join. If you have the zeal to work smartly and persistently, you can be surely become a millionaire.

F-1.2: The individual who are having the answer YES to the below 10 eligibility quiz questions are welcome to join National Family of Mother India Care to plant 10K Magic Tree of Money & Blessings.

i). Are you ready to commit to yourself to rewrite destiny with 5F Matrix for a road to success?

ii). Are you ready to set the time to chase you rather than you chasing the time?

iii). Are you ready to devote your quality time, energy and focus consistently for a proposed best pathway?

iv). Are you ready to engage in with strong will power and stable mind in choosing a 2 years pathway for your monthly income that generates passive income for the rest of your life?

v). Are you ready to accept an individual goal of building conscious community connections as your own digital assets which is a diamond dare and your foundation for 10K Magic Tree of blessings, money & career future ?

vi).  Are your ready to accept the pathway which is integrated to a common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030?

vii). Are you ready to be a self-disciplined self-boss self-employed associate?

viii). Are you ready to make your actions more stronger than excuses by maintaining your positive aura and enegy field ?

ix). Are your ready, willing and able to work in the interest of nation for road carnage free India, eco-friendly India and economically Prosper India ?

x). Are you ready to earn blessings and money for a greener world that will make you and India proud ?

G - Conclusion

G-1.1: The key benefit of being  an active member of entreprenuers peer group EPG is this that you are building your own conscious community connections and your bank balance of blessings and bank balance of money will be increasing. At time where money doesn't work the accumulated blessings will work in your life and that is called miracle. You are planting a 10 K magic tree of blesings and money to earn blessings and money, and the diamond dare is given to collect 10K blessings. This is the distinctive feature of the EPG that sets you apart from all other jobs.

G-1.2: The individual who want  to be a Warrior of Nation & Diamond of Nation are welcome to join Mother India Care. Earn GWRC certificate, earne Vatan Ka Heera Trophy of honour, earn 10K Magic Tree of Blessings & Money and enjoy the life of Green World. For more info on joining parameters please click below

H - Joining Parameters & Clickable Links

H-1.1  Organization

H-1.2  Plan

H-1.3  Product & Pricing

H-1.4 Payouts

H-1.4  Competitors

H-1.5  FAQs

H-1.6  Training

H-1.7  Burnup Matrix

H-1.8 Commitment Matrix

H-1.9  Pitchnote for Joining

H-1.10  Pitchnote for Road Users

H-2.1  Reprogramming Assessment

H-2.2  Support Request Form

H-2.3 Apply for Joining

 Era 2 Era Reforms - Green Roads-Green Living-Green Economy - For A Greener World #P2PandP2P 

 Rewrite The Destiny - Flip The Script to Flip the Destiny 

 10K Magic Tree of Blessings & Money - Trophy of Honor - Make it Yours 

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