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 Why Road Safety Oath ? 

Roads are deadlier than pandemic, and killing many lives every day. Road accident deaths is a global issue and deadlier than pandemic. India is at number one in the world in road accident deaths, the numbers are still increasing due to the lack of commitment of road users. Commitment leads to action and action leads to accomplishment. A Road to self-discipline is painful but its result is priceless.

The riskiest thing we are doing is maintaining this status quo of increasing road crash death, and one day we too will become its prey. It is important to  understand that the status quo of this increasing road accident deaths is inevitable. The desire to change must be stronger than the desire to stay same.

No one should die in a road accident but it is the result of a process that no one wants to follow. To get the OUTPUT, we have to give first INPUT and then INPUT needs to be processed to get our desired result, i.e. OUTPUT. Road Safety Oath is the INPUT and to honour the commitment so made under the oath is the PROCESS and zero death and no serious road crash injury is the RESULT.   That's why Mother India Care has taken the initiative to administer road safety oath to all road users.

Mother India Care has taken the initiative to change this status quo and started the National movement to end this daily road carnage in a well planned and organized manner. Mother India Care has constituted, adopted and implemented Decade of Action Plan 2021-2030 on National road safety with a common SMART goal (CSG) of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India By 2030. On 26th Nov 2021 we have launched DOAP Toolkit consisting of 21 Tools to battle with the road carnage and to achieve CSG.. 

Road users prefer convenience over safety and only after the crash they prefer safety. Why after crash and why not to prevent crash. Promote crash or prevent crash, and it is an open choice. But do remember safety intention is accident prevention. If all road users join crash prevention group, if all road users join solution maker group then together we can end the daily road carnage. With the combined and powerful effort together we can change this status quo provided our actions are stronger than excuses.

The mindset of road users is performing the same task in hand when they are in learning the vehicle driving, and it is just because of the risk of accident in mind.

The mind of road users is performing multitasks in addition to the task in hand after learning the vehicle driving, and it is just because of the no risk of accident in mind.

Road users have become accustomed to mind multitasking when on the road and thus become vulnerable road users.

Road users have become habitual offenders and are committing deliberate violations when on roads and are leading to accidental suicide and this has to be stopped.

To change the bad habit we have to change our daily actions. It will take time and constant efforts to change the bad habit.

Sow a smart oath, reap a smart thought. Sow a smart thought, reap smart action. Sow a smart action, reap a smart habit. Sow a smart habit, reap a smart goal.

Don’t sow a bad habit, to reap a worst future.

We are setting up the examples and the world will follow the Mother India Care’s wisdom on road safety. One day there will not be any death, or serious injury by road crash in the world.

Now its time to take action and change this status quo by adopting Road Safety Oath, which is a gentle promise for your behavior and action on road.  Road Safety oath is the traffic of the soul, the seal of the faith, the bond of conscience and the armor of road safety. Adopt Road Safety Oath, follow it and be a genius road user. Encourage others to adopt and be a road safety superhero.

After adopting and following the constitution of road safety oath, road user would be supercharged, focused and self disciplined on roads.  Self disciplined road may be hard, but its results are priceless.

Road users are even habituated not to raise voice against road traffic issues to fix.

Everyone wants to end the daily road carnage, which is the result of a process no one wants to do. All of us have to feed the required inputs to our inner conscience and generate the desired output in the process.

The process involves a commitment and dedicated attention. The constitution of road safety oath is the first and foremost tool and also the very basic Input-Process-Output (IPO) cycle to end road carnage. Hence we are promoting and administering road safety oath to all road users so as to re-program the mindset of all road users for their behavior and actions on road.

We all must come together, as a national family, to say enough is enough, and take bold transformative action for common smart goal that leaves no one behind.

Mother India Care is gathering strong determinations and mobilizing actions throughout the month, year and decade, and reviewing the performance and impact during its United Road Safety Convention every year.  Our ambitious target for the financial year 2021-2022 is to inspire and enroll one lakh individuals as road safety advisors, to take individual and collective CSG action with an overall target of mobilizing 1.5  billion actions by 2030.

Together let us change this status quo, and overthrow it for a safer roads and safer future. Every 10000 actions can prevent one death caused by road crash.  And we need 1.5 billion actions to achieve common smart goal of zero death and no serious injury by road crash in India by the year end 2030. Actions determine accomplishments. 

Our response will determine how fast the road users acts, we achieve the common smart goal by 2030, and how well we handle the challenges shaping our future from the consequences of road accident deaths,  serious injuries and economic loss to a family and nation.

The road safety oath is the first and foremost of DOAP Toolkit and also the very basic Input-Process- Output (IPO) cycle to end road carnage. Hence we are promoting and administering road safety oath, and all road users should adopt it follow it the way we handled the pandemic.

We have to insert DNA of green economy into all actions to achieve the common SMART goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030.

Team work makes the dream work.

People adopt an oath to affirm that they are making a serious promise, by way of oath and which is very important and almighty God witnesses it. They also want to remember  that the promise and commitment so made, is true and binding on them. No omission will be made in the form or manner in which an oath is adopted, and they are non slippery persons, and they will honour it follow it and will never break it.

Adopt road safety oath, follow it and be A Genius Road User. #GeniusRoadUser

Encourage others to adopt road safety oath and be a road safety superhero. #AdoptRoadSafetyOath

Remember when you are adopting a road safety oath, you should clearly read out its entire contents and capture a video clip and forward it to us to get a verified certificate of commitment.


The contents of the oath have covered entire road safety measures, so as to provide, better sense of safety. Roads are deadlier than pandemic, and if you adopt road safety oath and follow it then roads are kinder.


United Nations, has declared the years, 2021 to 2030 as the second decade of action, for road safety. In support of this proclamation of United Nations, Mother India Care has prepared adopted and implemented, Decade of Action Plan 2021 - 2030, on national road safety with a noble goal of zero death and no serious injury by road crash in India by the year end 2030. The road safety oath is a part of this decade action plan and is very useful tool to achieve the vision zero goal.  If all road users adopt road safety oath and follow it then not only it can reduce the daily road accident carnage, but also can put an end to it.



26th November 2020, Justice B.S. Patil (Hon'ble Upalokayukta-Karnataka, Bangalore) inaugurated the adoption Day of Road Safety Oath & Adoption Day of Decade of Action Plan 2021-2030 on national road safety organized by Mother India Care. The virtual and actual event was conducted by Mother India Care. We extend our sincere gratitude to Justice B.S. Patil for reposing the confidence in us for achieving the vision zero goal. We are also thankful to him for giving personal appreciation by saying " Kudos to all those who are associated with Mother India Care. He has further recommended by saying that "All cooperation has to be extended to our organization. He has also said that " One of the important thing this organization has conceived today, adopt road safety oath" and also requested all to adopt road safety oath and follow it. And on that day many road users adopted the road safety oath, and since then it is continuing and road users are adopting road safety oath.


The 26th November day is being celebrated as World Road Safety Oath Day by Mother India Care in India every year, and the whole world will follow this process.


This day should be endorsed by United Nations as World Road Safety Oath Day and every road users should start the road journey by adopting a road safety oath in all countries, and there will not any deaths or serious injury by road crash in the World.


Mother India Care, is putting its best efforts, to achieve this milestone. Kiara Mittal (National Ambassador For Road Safety), world youngest Anchor, Editor & Ambassador, is advocating for this noble cause and vision zero goal.

#RoadSafetyOathDay should be #WorldRoadSafetyOathDay

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