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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 URSWG Ambassadors Guidelines - United For Vision Zero Goal 

Road accident deaths is a global issue and deadlier than pandemic. United Nations, various countries and civil societies are putting in their efforts to reduce road carnage since many decades, but it is still increasing due to the lack of commitment of road users. Increasing accidents affects the economy of the country in general and the livelihood of individuals in particular.

There are many causes for road accidents and 87% accidents are occurring due to human error which can be corrected and human induced disaster can be avoided. Human mistakes includes the wrong choice and multitasking on road by road users, and also called as on-road mistakenly chosen suicide. Road users have become habitual offenders and are looking for the convenience in the safety measures itself and facing the worst consequences.

To get the desired output we have to feed the required input in our subconscious mind. Road users should derail existing habits and create a window of opportunity to act on new intentions. To start with thay can write down all negative affirmation words on a piece of paper and burn it with matchstick or lighter. When the cues for existing habits are removed, it is easier to form a new behavior. Studies have shown it can take anywhere from 40 days to 40 weeks to truly form a new habit.

It is also noteworthy that the message defined by 3 wise monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi Ji contains negative affirmation (See no evil, speak no evil & hear no evil). The said conventional message has been redefined by 5 wise monkeys of Mother India Care and contains positive affirmation (see only good, speak only good, hear only good, do only good and be only good). 

We generally come across negative affirmation messages on roads such as don’t use mobile phone while driving, and don’t drink and drive, don’t jump red traffic light etc, and yet people are doing everything to the contrary, which is due to the tendency of brain to lean toward negativity.

Based on this law of attraction, MIC is promoting road safety by taking psychological and spiritual approach, burning negativity and adopting positive affirmation as the core of its unique and pioneer initiative in the world. We are rewiring the brain to lean into positivity rather than negativity.  We are implanting positive thoughts into the minds of road users and transforming negative behavior and actions with positive self affirmation.

Moving ahead on the common smart goal with a common smart goal of zero road death and serious road crash injury in India by 2030, MIC has also started nationwide movement to end road carnage and launched the Assets of 21 Tools of DOAP Toolkit. 

MIC has constituted a 40 Line Positive Self Affirmation - PSA 40 of road safety oath which is a safety & Victory Mantra to end road carnage. It is noteworthy that the negative affirmation words have been excluded in the PSA 40.

Bad Road Sense BRS Virus is deadlier than pandemic and roaming on roads to infect us. The best way to prevent its infection is to feed and insert  PSA 40  which is a first and foremost tool of DOAP Toolkit, and it should be completed in four doses in order to be fully effective.

Burning Dose : Write down all the negative affirmation words related to road traffic on a piece of paper and burn it with a match stick or lighter.

Insertion Dose:  Online self feeding by reading of PSA 40 lines road safety oath and by checking the checkboxes at corresponding lines.

Recitation Dose:  Making positive affirmation by reading and listening PSA 40 lines and recording audio once a day for forty days.

Visualization Dose  5 minute visualization  of positive action and behavior of road journey.

The significance of No. 40 - It represents transition and change, it is the concept of renewal and a new beginning, and it also has the power to lift a spiritual state. FORTY is the only number whose all the characters are in alphabetical order. The average length of pregnancy, or gestation, is counted at 40 weeks.

We have made a request to the Hon’ble Transport Minister of Govt. of India, to kindly replace all negative affirmation messages that are being used for road safety awareness with positive affirmation messages across India. We have already initiated the written request letter in this regard to govt. of India.

We have also made a request to Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary - General of the United Nations, to kindly arrange to replace negative affirmation messages used for road safety awareness with positive affirmation messages with the member countries. And to encourage them to burn all negative affirmation words related to road traffic, and PSA 40 should be made the part of decade of action plan so as to make the world free of road accidents deaths by the end of this decade.



Mother India Care has set up a unique string of triple smart goals which includes the primary goal to make road carnage free India by 2030 (green roads),  the secondary goal to make ecofriendly  India by 2035 (Green Living) the tertiary goal to make economically prosper India by 2040 (Green Economy).

The uniqueness of the Era to Era reforms is that its triple smart goals primary, secondary & tertiary goals are interconnected with each other.

One lakh the best job opportunity across India linked with one lakh passive income source for lifetime is the foundation and part of its tertiary goal of green economy. A nation will not survive morally and economically, when so few have so much,  while so many have so little income. Every social injustice is not only cruel but it is economic waste also. Mother India Care (MIC) conceptualized triple smart goals aimed to make road carnage free nation, environment friendly nation and make prosper nation.

Working for a common good always a greatest creed and pride as it will provide you the source of income and sense of contribution to the nation. Your primary goal (short term and life time) will be fulfilled and it is linked to primary goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030 and both goal setting have been done smartly.

The best thing is with your efforts you will earn money, our society will grow because the organization Mother India Care is a registered public charitable trust and not a company where company owner will grow.

MIC has prepared individual goal and common goal and inviting individuals to accept the set individual goal and common goal. Majority of people start working with no goal end up nowhere, achieve nothing and spend a struggled life.  .

The individual who are having the answer YES to the below 5 questions are welcome to join National Family of Mother India Care.

i). Are you ready to do an obligation on yourself by choosing a 2 years pathway for your monthly income that generates passive income for the rest of your life?

ii). Are your ready to accept the pathway which is directly linked to a common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030 ?

iii). Are you ready to accept an individual goal of creating digital assets which is a diamond dare and your foundation for 10K Magic Tree of blessings & money ?

iv). Are your ready, willing and able to work in the interest of nation for road carnage free India, environment friendly India and Economically Prosper India ?

v). Are you ready to devote you time, energy and focus consistently for a proposed best pathway that will make you and India proud ?

The individual who possess team leadership qualities are welcome to join Mother India Care as Road Safety Ambassadors. They should join and seek appropiate training and is responsible to build and manage eam with the following tips' . 

A. Train the team members properly and share the experience

B. Treat the team members as many as family members not employee

C.  Encourage them for personality deelopment

D.  Interact with them on regular basis daily

E.  Help them to set their daily goal

F.  Help them to resolve their issues or ask them to use Support Request Form (link provided at bottom)

G.  Set examples for the team members 

H.  Encourage them to avoid procastination 

I.  Encourage them to maintain time, energy and foucs on the work consistently

J.  Encourage them to prepare priority list and act on it and follow it regularly 

K.  Encourage them to achieve the individual goal level by level with the common goal and in the interest of nation

The initiative can not be compared with the campanies of network marketing for direct selling. In commercial product direct selling companies has to manufacture product and fullfill the demand and supply chain. Many direct selling compaines have winded up for various reasons.

Most of our poducts are web-based and digital products which is are related to mind set and brain and must for every Indians. The physical products will also be added up in the e-store..

Join URSWG, MIC National Family as road safety ambassador and lead an integrated team network built by you and also start inspiring road users to adopt road safety oath. Ambassadors are responsible for downline team building, training and monitoring the team activities. Individuals can join  URSWG, as Road Safety Ambassadors and build up, advisors network within the 3 level down line team of A, B and C on the folloing terms and conditions.

Guidelines and terms and conditions


1.  Each Ambassador  will be allotted a referral code to build a down line and individual incentive accounting.

2.  Each Ambassador must form 10 advisors within their individual down line and are called a Level A Team of 10 advisors (1 x 10 = 10).

3. Referral code given will be used to form Level A Team of 10 advisors.

4. Each advisor on the Level A team must form 10 advisors within their individual down line and are called a Level B Team of 100 advisors (10 x10 = 100).

5. Referral code for Team  A advisors will be used to form Level B Team of 100 advisors integrated with the ambassador referral code.

6.  Each advisor on the Level B Team must form 10 advisors within their individual down line and are called Level C Team of 1000 advisors (100 x 10 = 1000).

7. There will be 1110 advisors in each team.


Enrollment process to build an individual down line of all levels are :

8.  Online Advisors Registration can be done by paying a registration fee of Rs. 1000/-
9.  After the registration the ambassador should seek the training and provide training to advisors as well.
10. Build and maintain team of 1100 active members and replace the inactive member or drop out member by enrolling new member to maintain the team number of 1100.

Privileges to  Road Safety Ambassadors
11. Ambassador kit (Pin Badge, Id card & brochure) shall be given.
12. Referral Code for road safety oath registration
13.  Monthly performance incentives on road safety oath registration of individual.
14.  Monthly divided team shared incentives on road safety registration of  team.*

15.  Bonus on achieving monthly target.

Opportunities to Road Safety Ambassadors
16.  Recognition opportunities – To Earn Fame
17.  Opportunity for Live e-interview session in Pearls of Nation – Earn Fame
18.  More opportunities and benefits will be added up


Performance Incentive – Payout

19.   25% flat on individual joining as advisors.
20.  Payout shall be released on 5 of every month
21.  25% on your individual account road Safety oath registration
22.  0.25% shall be divided and team shared incentives paid to Ambassadors on monthly basis.


Target for additional incentives as Bonus
23.  0.25% additional incentives as performance bonus on individual target shall be paid.

Main Activity - Task
24.  Individual ambassador and advisors account minimum Road Safety Oath (RSO) Registration : 300 nos. per month.


Bonus Eligibility
25.  1000 Nos. RSO - Registration - Individual
26.  10,00,000 RSO - Registration - Team


MIC Warrior Bonus Eligibility

27. 1.1 Crore registration of RSO (10000 units by each ambassadors and maximum by 20000 by one advisor)
28.  MIC Warrior Bonus of Rs. upto 10 lakh or more for life time against the repurchasing made by 1.1 crore road users in a year basis.


Clickable links




Pitchnote for Advisors Joining

Pitchnote for road users (road safety oath registration)

Support Request Form


* Once the team formation is completed and the team is active the shared incentives will be given for one month if you are not able to perform for one month.


** Email your latest photograph to and copy to


*** The ambassador kit will be sent in 15 working days. .

We enrolling ambassadors in all states, and these ambassadors are building a team of advisors so as to approach all road users in the area and make them to adopt road safety oath, the safety and victory mantra which is also called as PSA 40 Vaccine.

 As an average every year around 1.5 lakh people are dying in road accidents.  And we need 1.5 billion actions to achieve common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030. Every 10,000 commitments can prevent one road crash death. And thus we are giving the diamond dare of 10,000 units of road safety oath for our network of 1.5 lakh road safety advisors. The diamond dare of one advisor will save one road accident death and 1.5 lakh diamond dare of advisors will save yearly 1.5 lakh road accident death and this miracle equation and combined effort will definitely achieve common smart goal of zero road death and serious injury in India by 2030.

While pursuing this dare, advisors can earn monthly income of upto Rs. 25000 or more as individual incentives, plus shared incentive from the team work, plus target bonus, recognition, domestic and international holidays opportunities, and also a warrior bonus on completing the diamond dare. For any reason if you are unable to work, you still get the monthly* shared incentives.


The main task to advise and  mentor road users to adopt road safety oath to prevent accidental suicide on the road.


Road Safety Ambassadors and Advisors can earn money and fame because they are working for a Common Good and in the interest of Nation. Working for a common good is always a greatest creed because it gives a sense of contribution to the society and nation. They are the change makers and national family members of Mother India Care. They are the driving engine to change the status quo of increasing road accident deaths. Together let us change this status quo, and overthrow it for a safer roads and safer future.

We are enrolling ambassadors who are building, leading and managing a team of Road Safety Advisors and are the active members of United Road Safety Warriors Group and also called as Special Peer Group SPG. The individual who is accepting the diamond dare and committed to achieve this dare are being enrolled in the SPG.  The SPG members are self boss and self disciplined warriors.


If an individual startup open up a shop and spend money on interior and buy goods to resale, he has to arrange a financial backup to incur the loss at least for two years. If he doesn't have the backup then he will shut down the shop because he has to pay the rent and earn livelihood. But working as Special Peer Group if the result in the beginning is less you need not discourage your self because the strength of the flowing water can cut the rocks. Never give up because you are not losing anything, you are gaining experience to handle future clients by preparing yourself with the answers for the questions you are facing. Make a list and prioritise it regularise it and maintain consistency. More efforts, more result and more benefits. Action should be stronger than excuses. Remember the poor workman will blame the tools. Good work an will bring the result with the available tools and resources. Finding faults is complaining and finding solution is wisdom. Make your work enjoyable else keep looking for enjoyable work. You will come across the people who are positive, mixed and negative mentality. You have to be prepared to handle mixed mentality people and you should be strong enough to tolerate the rejection given by the negative mentality people. Negative mentality people takes time to change their mindset. We are transforming negativity with positivity. The initiative, concept and products are unique in the world. It is for your protection and for the people around you. It is for the common good and in the interest of nation. It is noteworthy that the people whom you are enrolling in your team  will express their gratitude from the depth of their heart and history will remember you.


Since 2014 to 2021, more 18000 people committed suicide due to unemployment. Mother India Care is having a mission of creating one lakh millionaire in India. In view of this mission, one advisor is allowed to complete double diamond dare, ie. 20,000 units, and not more than this. If you have the zeal to work smartly and persistently, you can be surely become a millionaire.


URSWG  - Ambassadors Guidelines


1.   The registration fee for the road safety ambassador is Rs. 5000/ as fund based and Rs. 10000/- as action based (action based means cause selling of 100 units of PSA 40 vaccine (Positive Self Affirmation of 40 lines)


2.     Road Safety Ambassadors should build a multilevel advisors network of Centurion Warriors Team within their 3 level down line of A, B and C, wherein  every advisor of level A and B has to arrange the joining of 10 advisors in their down line, advisors of level C need not arrange the joining of down line.


3.   The Road Safety Advisor registration fee is Rs. 1000/- which can be done online.


4.    Once you complete the team building of 1100 road safety advisors you will be conferred with National Pride & Excellence Award.


5.   The Road Safety Advisors shall be provided a starter kit (Referral Code, ID Card, Lapel Pin Badge and promotional material).


6.     On receipt of the referral code, the road safety advisors can start the cause selling work to road users by making the approach through social media and in person and try to get the maximum reference from the clients.


7.   Road Safety Advisors are the self boss, and they should set the self target, must prepare the list to approach the clients and try to approach with consistency because flowing water is cutting the rocks with its constant flow.


8.    Ambassadors navigate team to achieve common smart goal, are responsible to motivate and train the advisors, and remember you have been enrolled to mentor and advice road users, and you are an advisor for a common good and not a salesperson.


9.    Each ambassador will be allotted a referral code wherein you have the option either to start building a down line Team of Centurion or Samurai.


10.  The main task for each advisors is the road users registration for PSA 40 which is a road safety oath and also called as safety and victory mantra, and making psychological and spiritual approach for a reformatory change, its online registration fee is Rs. 100/- for general category.


11.   The road safety advisors should maintain their tolerance level in good range for any rejection and keep on trying and working for a common good, remember hard work always off.


12.   The road safety advisors should be prepared for the questions may be asked by the road user who they are making an approach for advice selling.


13.    Each advisor shall be paid monthly flat 25% incentives on individual performance and 5% equally divided shared incentives on team performance.


14.   The monthly target bonus of 5% shall be paid to all those who have achieved the bonus target of 1000 units in a month.


15.    There are 5 levels to reach the diamond dare, (Bronze-100, Silver-1000, Gold-2500, Platinum-5000, & Diamond-10000).


Click here to return to URSWG Ambassador Registration Page

United Raod Safety Convention- Grand event will be celebrated on 26th Nov every year to commemorate World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Adoption Day of Indian Constitution, Adoption Day of Decade of Action Plan 2021-2030, World Road Safety Oath Day, Inception Day of Mother India care & also awards felicitation ceremony. 

 The proceeds from the Road Safety Registration fee will be used to set up Chain of Accident Relief Centers Across India 

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