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 Mother India Care is promoting its national campaign, "EMERGENCY", which aims to end road carnage by transforming public awareness into preparedness through self improvement.We are providing a superscript constituted on the principles of science of psychology and by using it as food for thoughts and bread for the head, we are redefining, rewiring, and reconditioning the brain to lean into positivity to rewrite destiny. Every road user ,must use this superscript and adopt road safety oath which is a promise to prove their actions and behavior on roads. You are burning negativity thereby feeding controlled input to subconscious mind to get controlled output to achieve a common smart goal of 360 degree reversal to road accident deaths in India by 2030. 
Burn up your negativity before it burns you up.
Burn up your negativity before it burns you up.

Preliminary Step of National Dare. Write down all these below negative affirmation points with your own hand writing on a yellow colour paper with red pen and burn it with matchstick or lighter. Advice after injury is like medicine after death, because it is least heeded when most needed.

1.     Violating traffic rule

2.     Driving without obtaining proper license.

3.     Not wearing helmet and or safety seatbelt

4.      Mind wandering & self talking when on road

5.      Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs / sleepiness / tiredness.

6.      Using mobile phone while moving on roads

7.      Over-speeding & overloading and also overtaking from left.

8.      Instigating and indulging in road rage incidents

9.      Looking for the presence of traffic police and jumping red light at Traffic signal point.

10.    Changing lanes frequently

11.     Blocking free passage for ambulance

12.    Starting late from the origin and rushing to the destination.

13.     Bribing traffic police when caught on traffic violation.

14.     Driving closely to front vehicle

15.     Not maintaining sufficient 3  feet distance from left and right sides of my vehicle.

16.     Honking unnecessarily

17.     Watching car and bike racing games in TV or mobile phone

18.     Ignoring road traffic risk and hazards.

19.     Giving preference to convenience over safety

20.    Taking turn without giving indication in advance.

21.    Moving forward without seeing and assuming the risk at left and right side.

22.    Ignoring the road crash victim for extending help.

23.    Not implementing road safety awareness and intelligence into action.

24.    Not maintaining self-discipline on roads.

25.   Blaming others for daily road accident deaths.

26.   A Belief I know everything.


After completing this process select the category below and proceed to perform the simple task (under the national dare) of your coice and apply to get the RUR number and certificate


 After burning the above negativity, click on the below button of appropriate category to register for adopting the positive self affirmation by way of road safety oath, a promise to prove your behaviour and actions on roads by having supercript as a food for thoughts and bread for head 
 Kiara Mittal - National Ambassador For Road Safety - Form Mumbai - Rewrites Destiny 

 Redefining the negative affirmation messages of 3 Wise Monkeys of Mahatama Gandhi Ji with positive affirmation messages  

 Chain of accident relief centers - ARCs will be set up across India, from the proceeds of commitment bond of road safety oath. 

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