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Reforms In Agriculture

Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy and contributes to the overall economic growth of the country and determines the standard of life for more than 50% of the Indian population.


The Indian agriculture suffers from many problems. Farmers are committing suicides. Food security in particular is affected due to four reasons.


First, is poor and stagnating productivity of the farm lands due to poor technology and investments.


Second, is the fragmentation of land holding as 85 per cent of the farmers in the country are small and marginal farmers and as the day passes, their number is increasing and returns from the farm land are getting depleted. The situation gets accentuated with more and more diversion of good productive agricultural land for developmental purposes. Most of the small and marginal farmers do not get credit as only 30 per cent get from formal sources and around 25 per cent of the farmers depend on the exploitative informal credit system.


Third, is the deteriorating quality of farm land due to excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides and ground water and consequent reduction in the income of farmers.


Fourth, is the dependency of Indian agriculture on monsoon and the severe depletion of groundwater in States like Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana as a result of massive exploitation of ground water for irrigation. If the water table continues to go down as it is happening presently, there will be a time in the next decade or so when food grain production will go down rather drastically and Indian food security scenario will stare at us as it did before the green revolution.


It is not a distant reality but a fact which will be true if the policymakers dither in taking drastic steps.


Mother India Care is committed to improve agriculture and promote farming by upgrading the standard of agriculture with the state of the art technology. The Mother India Care will be providing all inputs to farmers for a sustainable agriculture, and also provide them the financial assistance through the bank smart payout cards to meet the emergency financial commitments.

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