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We all are well aware with the fact that every day many new vehciles are coming on roads and consequently the road traffic is increasing day by day and causing traffic congestions. But due to these traffic congestions many conventional ambulances are getting stuck and patients are dying inside the ambulance due to these deadly traffic congestion.

Mother India has taken a serious note of this problem and planned to introduced battery operated Ambulance Drone Service in India and first in Bangalore. We are in talks with the foreign manufacturing company, it can be imported to use it for emergency services. The size of this Ambulance Drone is similar to size of compact car. These Ambulance drone can fly at an altitude of 500 feet and can be used in no fly zone also.

These ambulance drone can carry one patient and one attendant at a time and can save lives more faster than the conventional ambulance. This ambulance drone being of compact size car can easily be landed at any place and road and can be controlled remotely through GPS system. It can be flown autonomously or by a pilot.

Please contribute for this project to save lives more faster, and to support and donate, please here.


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