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Drive Safe & Arrive Safe
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Accident Relief Center

 Roster of Road Safety Leaders - Supporting the #SpeakUp for Road Safety - A campaign of United Nation 

The details of Road Safety Leaders along with their contribution will be forwarded to World Health Organization which will be displayed in their exclusive website after completing the due evaluation process.

Support options for road safety leaders

Personal Contribution in terms of Time, Talent or Treasure for road safety campaigns
Encouraging others to participate in #SpeakUp For Road Safety Campaign

Encouraging others to identify their traffic risks and generate the demand to fix

Volunteering us to approach competent authority to address the problems of road users

Encouraging others to sign a road safety pledge & promoting road safety awareness.

Encouraging co-workers and members of the public  to check their road users score

Encouraging co-workers and members of the public to get the road safety training

Ms. Rashi - (Executive Director) Mother India Care. Promoting National Project - Road Safety is  Life Safety - Zero Death & No serious injury in Road Crash

Ms. Jaya
Contribution: Promoting Road Safety Awarenss

Dr. B. Basavaraju
(Principal Scretary to GOK-Transport Deptt.)
Contribution: Supporting Road Safety is Life Safety

Dr. Gaurav Sharma
Personal Contribution: 50000/-
Advocating Post Crash Care Improvement

Dr. Syed Asad Abbas
Contribution: Talent & Time for our Road safety Events & promoting road safety awareness

Fledge Aviation
Contribution: Supporting Road Safety Public Awareness

Dr. Vijay Kumar
(Pratham Hospital)
Contribution: 25000/-
& Promoting Raod Safety

Ms. Pooja Bajaj
(Solo Rider & Fitness Trainer)
Contribution: Promoting Road Safety Awareness

Mr. Samrat B Ghodke
(CEO-Skyler Corp)
Contribution: Training for road users

Mr. Krishna Kumar - NGO
Contribution: Promoting Road Safety Public Awareness

Ms. Shalini Marianathan
Sr. Media Manager - FEVER FM
Contribution: Promoting Road Safety Awareness

Mr. Hanuman Singh Lunia
Supporting National Project - Road Safety is Life Safety

Malkit Singh & Jasskaran Singh
(Youngest Road Safety Leader)
Contribution: Promoting road safety in the locality and inspiring others to be a Safe Road Users

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