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 Why road users assessment 

The major cause of road crashes are human mistakes. Road users are taking lot of risks on road and causing road accidents which led to fatal injuries or deaths. The majority of the road users (riders/drivers) are being trained by unqualified trainers of driving schools. Thus with the BASIC TRAINING they get the license they purchase the vehicle and start using the road without obtaining the PROFESSIONAL ROAD SAFETY TRAINING - RST, consequently are increasing road crash incidents and deaths. As per World Health Organization Report India has the highest road accident rate worldwide with over 1,40,000 deaths annually.

For any company with staff who drive for work – whether it’s a fleet of commercial vehicles, company cars, or staff driving their own vehicles to business appointments – ignoring fleet safety can cost dearly. As well as being devastating to those involved, road crashes have massive financial, reputational and legal implications for organisations. Driving is the riskiest activity most employees engage in. Road crashes account for 39% of work-related deaths. Organisations also have a moral and social responsibility towards their employees, and the wider communities in which they operate. If a member of staff is in a crash while driving for work, it may: harm their physical and emotional wellbeing; lead to lost working time; and affect staff morale. If someone is killed or seriously injured, the devastating effects on families and communities are immeasurable, and the damage to your reputation potentially irreparable. So corporate should made this road users assessment mandatory for their staff and insist them to maintain road users score in good record, because the consequences of road crashes are very dangerous and worst.

Consequences of Road Accidents

Around 400 persons are dying everyday in road accident deaths in India
Young males under the age group of 25 years are almost 3 times (73%) are dying in road carsh than youing females.
Kids and youngsters (5 to 29 years age) are dying more in road crashes
Parents are becoming childless and kids are becoming orphan
Younger generation deaths is loss to the future of family and the nation in whole
Loss of Bread earning member to a family
Household productivity loss
Huge financial loss in road crash victims emergency and medical treatment
Loss of administration expenses to nation
Annual Loss to Economy and 3% of GDP
Loss to employer due to non-reporting of employee
Workplace productivity loss
Loss to business house due to untimely delivery of despatch
Loss to insurance companies
Traffic Congestion

The behavior of road users is required to be changed from Risky to Safe Road Users. This can be done through road users  PROFESSIONAL ROAD SAFETY TRAINING -RST and assessment session. An informed, trained and assessed road user can be a Safe Road User.

Mother India Care has launched its national project i.e. “Drive Safe & Arrive Safe” and working as a pressure group for road users and civic, transport and traffic authorities. We all claim that we are safe driver/rider, but maximum accidents are caused by driver/rider fault though the tools to prevent accidents are in our hands and foot. Our Road Users Assessment program is design to test the behavior of road user. The employers should made e-assessment test mandatory for their employees, which can improve their driving / riding behaviour and thus it can bring consistency in their timely attendance reporting. We conduct road users e-assessment program online and the road users who score lesser grade, we not only advise them the improvement area but also provide them SMART TRAINING through our APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR - ADI (professional, heavily regulated and rigorously assessed)  which also include post crash response training. ADIs provide not only smart training but also build confidence and inspire how to be great driver/rider - not just get through the test.

Professional Road Safety Training By ADIs

How to use road with fellow road user
How to avoid making mistakes on road
How to handle mistakes of fellow road users
How to help road crash victims
Converting risky road user to safe road user

Benefits of Road Users Assessment 

  • Increasing the level of confidence of road user when on wheels
  • Converting risky road user to safe road user
  • Improvement in the Road Safety Standards
  • Reduction in Road Accidents fatal injuries and deaths
  • Practical Assessment of an individual, Grading Report issued & corrective actions shared accordingly
  • Cost Benefits to the Organization
  • Improves Productivity & Efficiency
  • Improves timely attendance reporting by employees
  • Improves timely delivery of despatch
  • Better Maintenance of the Vehicle
  • Fuel Economy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Corporate Image
  • GDP loss to nation can be minimized
  • Road crash death risk of bread earning member of a family can be reduced

On completion of PROFESSIONAL SMART TRAINING and also e-assessment, road users who scores merit grading points will get, certificate, sticker, reflective sash, , gift vouchers (upto Rs. 5000) and are also eligible for conferring of awards .  The future addon will be complementary breakdown assistance basic membership for 1 year, and road safety alert text messages about accident prone area, over speed alert message, and more addons and benefits will be updated time to time.

Mother India Care is expanding its network of Road Users Assessment Centres across India and providing franchise opportunities to Training Academies and Driving Schools. We will be providing SMART TRAINING inputs to our franchise trainers and recognize them as DSAAS Approved Driving Instructor - ADI. Road users can get professional smart training (theoretical/visuals/simulator/practical) and e-assessment at any of our authorized road users assessment Centres.

Our efforts are on to make this PROFESSIONAL ROAD SAFETY TRAINING & ASSESSMENT PROGRAM mandatory for all road users either by the government or with the intervention of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

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