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Every one minute 1 road crash in India, and every 4 minutes 1 road accident death is occurring in India. The daily road accidents deaths is a human induced disaster, and need immediate attention and action to put a brake to this daily carnage on roads. Rapid growth in population, urbanization is causing increase in motorization, increase in traffic congestion and also increase in road crash incidents. When road accident occurs we assess the cause because causes are various and sometimes blame passing game comes in. We often chose temporary solution to a problem and that often become permanent problem. Some road users want to be a part of solution and some want to be a problem.


We support United Nations proclaimed the years 2021-2030 as the 2nd Decade of Action for road safety. We have prepared a #10 pillars decade of action plan  2021-2030 a comprehensive package on national road safety strategy for a noble goal of #zero death & no serious injury in road crash in India. It is dream and can come true if all road users come forward and realize the importance of road safety in life. Road Users and key stakeholders should join this national project and make a combined effort to bring a biggest and preemptive change in this human induced disaster. If you are not a part of solution then you are a part of problem.  


If we want to bring a biggest change all it depends how many people are supporting and pushing for it, with the Activity, Connectivity & Affectivity to achieve this noble goal.


Bad Road Sense - BRS Virus is waiting on roads to attack us, the best way to prevent the attack of this BRS Virus is to sign a road safety pledge and follow it.


The decade action plan is having a comprehensive package:


 1.  #Importance of Road Safety: Road users must sign a road safety pledge and get Road Safety Training.  Activities such as Road Safety Awareness campaigns/events, competition,  marathon, road safety leaders / ambassadors enrollments, road safety kit, anti corruption, magazine, reward & recognition shall be conducted. Our Media Partners will be approaching key stakeholders to get the updated performance information on the road safety activities they have done on regular basis. Mobile app is under development with various facilities and features on road safety.


2.  #Road Users Audit: Road Users shall be audited for Road Sense Performance – RSP Score and ranking will be provided to road users. The road users ranking record will be maintained and can be accessed by third party.


3.  #Road Infrastructure Audit: Road Safety Audit- Rating of Roads, traffic management, vehicles, crash response &  crash risk mapping

4.  #Road Journey Audit: Time to identify your problems and give your power and energy to its solutions. Road Users can assess their daily Journey, Identify Risk & Raise Demand and forward to us and we will approach the competent authority to address these demands and issues.

5.  #Maintain Road Stretch: Road Stretch in a city limit or highways (National and or state highways) can be adopted to  Repair and the landscape spot on the road medians or road junctions can be beatified.

6.  #Emergency Assistance Service:  We will have the networking with the existing emergency service providers (ambulance Van, air ambulance services) and also breakdown assistance service providers (mechanic, towing Van and cranes) to provide assistance to the road users across India.

7.  #Accident Relief Centers: Chain of Accident Relief Centers – ARCs will be st up on major highways across India to provide emergency services to save lives. Each ARC shall be equipped with ICU Center, Doctor/Nurse, Ambulance Van, Mobile ARC (Hospital on Wheels) Medical Assistive Robot, Shielded Enclosure (For protection from nuclear fallout) Evacuation Shelter, Oxygen Bar, Air Shower, Towing Van, Crane, Automobile Garage etc. Ambulance Drone to carry a patient and attendant shall be made available in most of the ARCs.

8.  #Navigational & TSD Rally:  Every two years Bike & Car will be organized which is based on Time, Speed & Distance to be covered in a given set time. The 12000 Kms and 28 days navigational tour will be conducted for public awareness.

9.  #Memorial & all of Remembrance – MIC Indian Memorial to road traffic victims will be erected and a wall of remembrance will be set up with a remembrance club. A club that no one joins during lifetime, the family of road crash death victims can provide us the road crash death victim photograph, and the record of the cause of the road accident and death shall be maintained.

10. #Movie on Road Safety: A movie on road Safety (The Burning Road) will be produced for public awareness and to convey message about the life after road crash. A multicast movie, because road users are following the stunt scenes of thier favorite actor and actress which should not be.

Together we can achieve this noble goal of Zero death and no serious injury in road crash in India. All road users should make a commitment and honour, corporate should take the responsibility and deliver and all key stakeholders should take the responsibility as per their capacity and make a combined and powerful effort to bring a total change .

Road Users are signing a road safety pledge, road users are seeking road safety training online, road users are raising their road traffic related demands. More than 127 charity organizations in India have collaborated with us to work together for this noble cause. Networking with media partners is going on to get the updated performance information from the key stakeholders on road safety. Corporate are offering discount vouchers, gift vouchers of their product and services ( to road users who sign road safety pledge and are who maintain good ranking ) and also extending monetary contributions to achieve this noble goal. Every year on 2nd Sunday of the month of May, we will have the performance review through a grand celebration.

Corporate should make their employees to sign a road safety pledge, make them to go for road safety assessment and also road safety training (those who score less score in assessment). Time to identify your problems and give your power and energy to solutions. Join Decade Action Group to be a Solution Makers to problems

Please click here for press note issued for 11.11.2020 virtual press conference and also for 15.11.2020 main event





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