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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 National Charitable Saving Account - NCSA Fund 

A nation can not survive economically where so few has so much and so many has so less.  Various NGOs, Individuals and corporate are extending their support to these under privileged weaker section of the society in their local area. But still many people are under-served and not getting support for their basic needs. And now this COVID-19, the resultant lockdown and economic downturn have created a massive humanitarian crises in the social sector. Life was always tough for the under-served sections of our society and now it's become critical. The weaker sections of the society is in need of help and struggling for survival. Unemployement is at its peak because pandemic situation has forced middle class people to poverty. Our Rural areas are facing extreme poverty and people are not able to get proper food. Mother India Care has taken up a task of Transforming Rural Development TRD and designed a national project namely "Adopt A Village India" - AAVI. We survey and identify villages and set a transforming rural development TRD milestone. We invite philanthropists to participate and extend their contribution to achieve the set milestone of specific adopted village.

Mother India Care is expanding its network by collaborating with local NGOs and increasing its reach through extensive networking base with the volunteers.  Our support work  has been executed with proper planning and network driven, which can be quite effective  for greater social impact and transformation. Mother India Care has also taken up the task to bring all philanthropists together at one national platform and hence this National Charitable Care Account - NCCA Fund.

National Charitable Care Account - NCCA Fund is providing support to needy and under privileged locally and nationally for a social reform and transformation. NCCA Funds are carefully used for the improvement & maintenance of the society and focussing on eliminating the suffering caused by social problems and also on the elimination of the social problems. Our volunteers and associated NGOs are identifying and registering the needy and poor people and we provide support by monitoring the support work so as to ensure that the real needy should get the support. The number of beneficiaries of basic needs are increasing daily and we are facing funds shortage. Small businesses are the engine of economy but many have been closed and many are sick. Daily wage labours, street vendors, push cart vendors, farmers and even average income group also struggling very hard for mere subsistence. Till now we have not taken any grant from government and Mother India Care is largely depending on the public funds. Our motto is Serving with intention, not for attention. We don't click photographs while performing support to needy because it is being done to gain attention which is temporary and it will go with the glance of eyes. It also giving more sense of shamefulness to beneficiaries. Instead we provide recognition to our donors through special events.

NCCA Funds are being spent wisely for economy growth.  NCCA Funds can be utilized in your local area also on your advice and on priority basis. We provide a web page in our website with the details about the funds utilization of your CARE Bond  (Rs. 25000 and above) and the impact report.  Support us to achieve a noble goal of GREEN ECONOMY by 2030 and together we can achieve this goal.

Make a monthly commitment for a year which goes to Transforming Rural Development TRD of AAVI projects in your adopted village. Build a true  relationship with your adopted village through our regular updates, AAVI partners Trips and actual live video conversations. Celebrate with your adopted village as they reach TRD milestones !

Sound great ? It is ! We are passionate about directly connecting people with villages across India. We provide the opportunity to visit the adopted village through our partner trips.

We request all individual and corporate as per the capacity and option do contribute for the no. of units of CARE BOND (The Gift of Affection) of NCCA Fund, and dedicate it to the village you adopted or the cause you care most. All contribution are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of Income tax.

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