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 NRSW 2020 Safe Riding Contest TAC 

1.   31st National Road Safety Week (NRSW) will be celebrated nationwide from 11th to 17th January 2020 by the government, private sector and civil societies. Mother India Care (registered public charitable trust)  is promoting this NRSW with a various public awareness and other activities as a supplement to the government initiative and also to promote its national project “Road Safety is Life Safety” with a noble goal of zero death and no serious injury in road crash in India. 


2.  The event “Bangalore Safest Rider” (BSR) will be conducted during this NRSW 2020  from 11th to 17th Jan 2020 in 3 timing slots 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, 01.00 pm to 03.00 pm & 03.30 pm to 05.30 pm respectively. The venue for the week long NRSW 2020 is VFM Honda, No. 36/2, 37, Geddalahalli, Hennur Bagalur Road, Kothanur post, Bangalore – 560077 which is located at a distance of around 12 Kms from MG Road. Depending upon the participants registration and numbers, the BSR contest will be conducted either from 11-17 Jan 2020 or on the selective dates or day during this NRSW 2020.


3.  All the participants willingly assume all risks associated with such participation, including, but not limited to, falls; contact with the side walls etc and other conditions of the course, all such risks being known and appreciated by them.


4. All participants further acknowledge that the organizers reserves the right to change the details (such as the date, start time & course) of, prize and or privileges offered at the events at any time for any reason and hereby waive and release any claims that may have as a result of any such changes.


5.   All the participants grant permission to the Releasees to use or authorize others to use any photographs, motion pictures, video or sound recordings, or any other record of my participation in the NRSW 2020 events including the name, for any purpose without remuneration.


6.  All participants are requested to consult a doctor to examine his/her fitness for participating in the contest. Although the organizers will make arrangements for the availability of basic medical assistance during the course of the event, the organizers shall not be held responsible for any medical emergencies or accidents that may occur during the course of the BSR contest.


7.  The applicants under age 18 are not eligible to participate in this event and under special offer the regsitration can be accepted subject to arrange the online registration of 5 Nos. of participants through a referral code alotted. If unable to arrange 5 nos. of registration, the organizers reserve the right to accept or reject the registration of an applicant.


8.  The BSR event may be capped. Entry is subject to availability. Once the registration number pickup begins and minimum number of registration is completed the contest will be activated, and in the absence of minimum number of registration the organizer reserves the right to reschedule the contest date or dates to future dates to be notified.


9.    One participant is allowed to register for one application, please refrain from sending more than one entry per person; multiple applications for one applicant will not to be permitted and all being rejected.


10.   The email confirmation of registration for respective BSR event with the respective date and timing slot will be sent to all confirmed participants. Participants are requested to provide correct and accurate contact details in the registration form to receive participation confirmation and other event updates timely.


11.   If the participant does not receive any confirmation by email from us with 24 hours of submitting the registration form, then he/she is advised to write to us at notifying the  same.


12  All event related information and updates, if any, shall be sent to all the participants via email to their registered email addresses.


13.   Every participant will be provided a pressure wash to their two wheeler before entering the BSR contest course/track and also undergo an online assessment test and simulator test at event venue.


14.  The participant must possess DL to participate in the event.


15.    Any participant who is either injured or physically unfit will not be allowed to participate in the BSR contest and the participant is requested to follow the requisite medical emergency procedures.


16.  All participants agree to respect the environment and local neighborhood by using the litter and recycling bins at the venue


17.  Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden during the event, on the contest and at the venue.


18.  The BSR event venue and track will be marshaled by the volunteers and the participants are advised to follow the track and lane marking and also the instructions of the volunteers in all eventualities, failing to do so will result in the cancellation of participation. .


19.  Every participant is advised to behave in a socially responsible manner during the event. If it is found that any participant is behaving inappropriately, his/her registration shall be cancelled and he/she will be escorted out of the BSR event venue.


20.  All the participants are requested to make their own arrangements for storing valuables and/or baggage. The organizers cannot be held responsible for the safety of the participant's baggage or belongings.


21.  Every participant is requested to wear appropriate footwear, clothes and helmet.


22.   All participants will be awarded with a e-certificate and road user ranking who have completed the contest without touching the ground with a feet, without touching the traffic cone and without touching the lane marking at the course.


23.  Any participant who participates without the BSR contest riding number will not be awarded an e-certificate.


24.  The winner of the BSR contest will be chosen in accordance with the event's rules and the decision of organizer’s Judges team will be final in this regard. If there is a tie in the winners then the final winner will be selected through a lucky dip.


25.   The organizers reserve the right to change the date or venue due to an act of nature or an act of state. Please note that all decisions made by the organizers and/or medical team are final


26.  The winner of the BSR contest will be awarded with cash prize of Rs, 11,000.00  (Rupees eleven thousand only) on the closing ceremony of National Road Safety Week on 17th January 2020 between 04.00pm to 05.00pm at the venue. Please.......Click here to see more details about the winners selection process of BSR contest.


27.  The right to participate in the BSR event & the rights and benefits available to a participant are at the sole discretion of the organizers and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances. The participant alone shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.


28.  The organizers reserves the right to reject any BSR contest entry to the participants and to impose penalties, including disqualifying and possibly banning violators, based upon the following conduct: providing false information on entry forms;  competing with an unofficial number or scoring tag; competing with an official number or scoring tag assigned to another person; transferring or attempting to transfer an official number or scoring tag to, or to obtain such number or tag from, another person; being paced during the BSR contest by a person not entered in the Event; accepting other assistance from non-Event participants; and crossing the finish line in a shortcut way without having completed the entire riding/driving course.


29.   We have provided the facility to view LIVE SCORE of the participant of the BSR Contest in our website and please click here visit and see the  LIVE SCORE of BSR contest updates.


30.  The participants will be provided special privileges such as pressure wash to 2 wheeler to be used in the contest, and also the AMC (if offered by their respective vehicle manufacturer) and discount coupons of product and services (if offered by the service and product vendor).

31. We are not responsible for the the product and services offered by the partnered companies as we are acting as facilitator only for the product and services offered.


32.  The organizer is committed to make BSR event, a safe, memorable and enjoyable experience of this event for all the participants involved in this event.


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