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Accident Relief Center

 BSR Event Participant Privileges during 31st NRSW 11th - 17th Jan 2020 

The participants of slow riding / driving contest will get the following special privileges.

1. Slow rider/driver contest participation Ticket

2. Test by 2 Wheeler Simulator

3. Certificate of Participation (Safe Rider/Driver)

4. Road Users Ranking

5. Safe Road User Sticker

6. Free Eye Check Up*

7. Free Pressure Wash of 2 Wheeler at Venue


Goodie Bag containing....

1.  Free AMC (2 Wheeler)**

2.  Free Vehicle Accessories ***

3.  Gift Coupons for various products and services.


* Offered by the partnered hospital & specific date and time at Venue


** Offered by below mentioned automobile companies ..

(For Honda 2 Wheeler offered by VFM Honda, .... and more companies name will be updated soon)


*** Offered by below  Companies

Seat Cover for Honda Vehicles offered by VFM HONDA

Donload Mobile app 6KIOM and avail special privileges from KHIVRAJ MOTORS

........... and more companies product will be updated soon)

 NRSW 2020 - Partner Companies & their offers to participants 



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